Facebook Pixel Integration Overview

Introducing Spiffy's Facebook Pixel Integration!

Facebook Pixel lets you receive information about the actions that are taken on your checkout, giving you insights to make your Facebook ads more relevant to your audience, and with Spiffy, it is easier than ever to get started!

With Spiffy's Facebook Pixel Integration, you will be able to analyze the data compiled in Facebook to make any necessary changes to your Facebook Ad targeting, and get a clear view on how your ads are performing, from a ROI standpoint.

Connecting Facebook Pixel to Spiffy:

To integrate with Facebook Pixel, just click on the Profile icon at the top right of your Spiffy dashboard, click on 'Integrations' and scroll down to Facebook Pixel in the list of available integrations:

You will need to provide your Facebook Pixel ID, that can be found from within your Facebook Events Manager, after you have created a Pixel for your Facebook account. (If you have already created a Facebook Pixel in your account, you should be able to find the 'Pixel ID' in the 'Data Sources' section of your Facebook Event's Manager.)

Just paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the field in Spiffy's integration, and click 'Enable Facebook'! Once you are connected, you can close this pop-up.

If,for any reason you need to disconnect Facebook Pixel from Spiffy, just navigate back to your Spiffy account Integrations, select 'Facebook Pixel' and click 'Disable' and your connection with Facebook Pixel will be disabled.

You can also update your Facebook Pixel ID, If needed. By entering your new Pixel ID in the Spiffy Integration settings, and clicking 'Update Settings'

Your Spiffy Checkouts will now start triggering events via Facebook Pixel!

Spiffy will now start automatically trigger a number of useful events on Checkouts, when they are visited / used to purchase!

Spiffy will start triggering Page View events, to start tracking views of your main offer page, the thank-you page, as well as the One-Click Upsell offer page, if your Checkout includes one.

Along with Page Veiw events, Spiffy will automatically trigger 'Purchase' events as well, when a purchase is made. The Facebook Pixel will track the order total (including any offer bump / upsell offer, if purchased) as well as track individual pricing for your main offer, offer bump and/or upsell, if your checkout includes these.

If you would like to test your checkout to see the Pixel Events that occur, just make sure you have enabled Spiffy's Facebook Pixel integration, and then from with your Facebook Event Manager's Pixel area, head to 'Test Events'.

From here, just enter the URL to the checkout you would like to test, and complete the checkout.

NOTE: When testing a checkout, you may want to lower the price of your main offer manually, or via a 'Discount Code' as well as lower the price of any offer-bump or upsell you may be including, so that you are running a low dollar charge on your card, just remember to re-set any pricing that you change, so that your customers do not see any incorrect pricing.

The Real Time event tester in your Events Manager will start to display the events that are being tracked by the Facebook Pixel, allowing you to click into them for more detail.

For reference, here are the different page URL formats for your checkout page, optional upsell page, and the default Spiffy thank-you page (You may be using your own custom thank-you page hosted on your website).

The bold sections of the URLs are placeholders and will be based on your Spiffy account name and checkout name.

Main Checkout URL:    https://YourAppName.Spiffy.co/checkout/Your-Checkout-Name

Upsell Page (If your Checkout offers one):    https://YourAppName.Spiffy.co/checkout/Your-Checkout-Name/offer

Default Spiffy Thank-You Page:    https://YourAppName.Spiffy.co/checkout/Your-Checkout-Name/thanks

Please let us know if you run into any questions setting up / using our Facebook Pixel integration! We're always here to help, just send us a note at Support@Spiffy.co

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