​Making Your Checkouts GDPR Compliant

Spiffy gives you the ability to make your Checkouts GDPR compliant, by configuring some simple settings that can be found from within each Checkout.

GDPR Regulations require that you include required checkboxes for accepting Terms/Conditions & Privacy, that also links to written terms from your website, along with an optional checkbox for Email/Marketing Consent. 
With Spiffy, we provide those checkboxes as options to add to each Checkout, making it GDPR compliant. This article will share info on getting everything all set up! 
Quick Note: The instructions below start with where to go to add these checkboxes to an existing Checkout. If you're creating a brand-new Checkout, the best place to start would be on Step 2, after you've reached the Checkout Editor.
Getting Started:
1.) Navigate to 'Checkouts' at the top in Spiffy, then hover over the Checkout you wish to edit and click the pencil icon:

2.) Click 'Add Section' in the Checkout Editor, then the 'Options' box, and then click 'Terms and Conditions'.

3.) From there, you can click to enable/disable specific checkboxes for Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Marketing Consent. A title can be set for the block, the checkbox text and requirement can be edited, and links can be added for your Terms and Privacy pages.

4.) Be sure to click Save at the top to apply the changes to the block. Clicking Publish will make any updates in the editor live to the customer. After all that's done, the checkboxes will appear on your checkout, making it GDPR-Compliant!

We've also created helpful guides for setting up each checkbox option individually, for further reference. Links can be found for each, below:
NOTE: When you include the Marketing Consent checkbox on your Checkout, it will trigger our Billing Automation Event for 'Marketing Consent (GDPR)'. This lets you set up an action with your integrated system, like 'Apply a Tag' to indicate the contact is marketable in your connected application. If you'd like to know how to set up that automation, Click Here!
If you have any questions surrounding this setup, please let us know at Support@Spiffy.co
Always here to help!