GDPR and Privacy Regulatory Settings

Spiffy gives you the ability to make your Checkouts GDPR compliant, by configuring some simple settings that can be found from within your 'Account' Settings.

GDPR Regulations require that you include required checkboxes for accepting Terms/Conditions & Privacy, that link to written term from your website, along with an optional checkbox for Email/Marketing consent.

With Spiffy, we give you the ability to easily set up your Terms/Privacy & Marketing Consent in just a few minutes, making all of your Spiffy Checkout's GDPR compliant.

This article will share info on getting everything all set up! Once you are done, the options that you enabled will automatically activate on ALL of your active Spiffy Checkouts.

To get started:

Navigate to your account 'Settings' from the profile icon at the top right side of the Spiffy dashboard:

Scroll down in the main 'Settings' to find the 'Regulatory Settings'

Enable the options that you would like to include on all of your Spiffy Checkout pages, Configure them appropriately, with a URL to your Terms/Conditions and Privacy. The Email/Marketing Consent option will allow you to customize the message that your checkbox will display.

Be sure to save your settings.

Once you have this set up, all of your Spiffy Checkouts will automatically include the checkboxes that you enabled.

Below is a little more information on each of these options.

Require Terms/Conditions:
When you enable this setting, and add a URL to your terms page on your website. This will enable a REQUIRED terms and conditions checkbox that will display on all of your Spiffy Checkout pages.

: As this is a global setting, this will override and disable the option that is available in your individual Checkout's editor. If you have the same 'Terms' for all of your offers, You should be all set, by enabling this option.

If you happen to have different terms / terms pages for different offers, you will want to leave this regulatory account level setting disabled, and set up your terms individually, from within your different Checkout editors.

More Information on setting up terms from within an individual Checkout can be found HERE.

Require Privacy Policy
: Enabling this option will allow you to set a URL to your company's Privacy Policy, and will display a required checkbox for your customer to agree to the privacy policy, on all of your Spiffy Checkout pages.

Email/Marketing Consent: When you enable this option, you will be able to use the default message that we provide for this checkbox, or customize it to read a different message, surrounding consent to receiving emails.

The checkbox that will display on all of your Spiffy Checkout pages will be an OPTIONAL checkbox, meaning that your customer will not be required to opt-in to email marketing.

NOTE: When you include this option on your Spiffy Checkouts, it will trigger our 'Billing Automation Event' for 'Marketing Consent (GDPR)' so you will need to be sure that you have an action set up with your integrated system, to do something like 'Apply a Tag' indicating the contact is marketable, in your connected application.

For more info on setting up an integrated action for when the Email/Marketing Consent checkbox is checked by your customers, Click Here.

If you have any questions surrounding setting up any of these options, please let us know at

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