How to Test My Checkout / Run a Test Transaction

Testing is a very important part of setting up your checkout process.

Once you have created a Checkout, you may find that you want to give it a test, to see how things look, and to check that any Integration Automation you set up is running correctly.

Since Stripe doesn't allow for test cards to be used on a live account, the best way to test a Checkout is to run a real "low-dollar" transaction as a test by creating a temporary Discount code for the offer, and manually lower the price of any Add-On Offer Bump / Upsell you may be adding, to test your checkout process.

*Remember to change any and all pricing (for Add-On offer bumps or Upsells) back to their intended price after testing

Here are some tips on how to get started with testing a checkout you have set up:

Setting your checkout up to test:

1.) Create a 'Discount' code in your checkout editor to discount your main offer down to a low amount (preferably down to $1)

  • For more info on creating a 'Discount' code on a checkout, click HERE

2.) Manually change the price of any Add-On Offer Bump / Upsell you may be including down to $1, in the Spiffy Checkout Editor

3.) Publish your checkout and then visit your checkout and place an order

4.) After testing, revert any pricing that you may have manually changed, and remove any unneeded discount codes that you used for testing, from your Checkout's editor.

Once you have placed your order, you can check your integrated systems to ensure that your automation that you have set up is working correctly!

Please let us know if you have any questions surrounding testing your Spiffy Checkout. Just send us an email at

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