Creating a Paid Trial Subscription

If you're looking to offer a Subscription with a paid trial to your buyers, Spiffy makes the process easy! This is great in situations where you want to offer a discounted first leg of a subscription, and have it start billing full-price after the trial. 

To get started, you'll either need to create a Checkout with a Subscription product, or access one of your existing Checkouts with a Subscription. If you haven't yet created one and need some guidance on how, Click Here!
There are two parts to adding a Paid Trial to a Subscription -- Adding the Trial days, and Adding the Paid Trial amount.  We've got the processes for both outlined below. 
Adding the Trial First
In the Checkout Editor, hover over the Subscription block and click 'Edit Block'. In the left sidebar menu that appears, click the Subscription Option you want to edit, then click 'Add Trial Days'. Key in the amount of trial days to add in the field that appears, then click 'Save' at the top.

Adding the Upfront Paid Trial Amount as an Order Item
To add in the amount you're charging upfront, click 'Offer' in the left sidebar, then click the 'Add Items' button in the Manage Items area. Key in the Item Name (name of upfront amount) and the Base Price (price of upfront amount). Clicking 'Save' will apply those values in the editor.

Be sure to Publish your Checkout at the top-right, so any changes in the editor go live. After that, you're all done! The buyer will then be able to see the free trial on the Checkout. 

Removing the Paid Trial if Needed

If for some reason you need to delete the paid trial amount down the line, you'll go back to the Offer tab and click the ยทยทยท icon on the item for the amount, then click 'Delete Item'

Deleting the free trial days would be done back on the Editor tab by clicking Edit Block for the Subscription -- First click the listed Subscription option and then click 'Remove Trial Days':

If you have any questions about setting up this paid trial, we'll be available at
Always happy to help!