How To Show Payment Plan Only / Hide Pay In Full Option

Spiffy gives you the ability to add Payment Plans to your standard offer on a Checkout. Along with this ability, there is also the option to ONLY offer a Payment Plan on a Checkout.

You will first need to create a "Standard Offer" and setup a "Payment Plan" for that offer.
(For more info on creating a Payment Plan for your 'Standard Offer' checkout, click here.)

Once you have your 'Standard Offer' Checkout created, and have set up a Payment Plan. You will just need to 'Disable' the 'Pay in Full' option.

In the Checkout editor for your Standard Offer, just head down the 'Price' section, where your Offer Price and Payment Plan are set up.

Click the options menu (. . .) to the right of your 'Offer Price' for the Pay in Full option, and select 'Disable'.

Then just publish the checkout to save your changes:

Once this is done, your checkout will now only offer the Payment Plan to your customers, hiding the 'Pay in Full' option. You can also include multiple Payment Plans, if needed. You are not limited to just 1 payment plan option.

Here is an example of what a checkout with the 'Pay in Full' option disabled would look like:

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