Updating / Changing your Spiffy URL Subdomain

When you first set up your Spiffy account, we had you set a Subdomain for your account's URLs. This subdomain is used for hosted checkouts, as well as your customer portal.  You can update this from within your main account settings.

Important: If you update your account Subdomain, you will want to be sure that any links you may have on your website / ads / email communication are all using the new subdomain for your URL.

If you need to update your account's subdomain, just click on the Profile icon at the top right of your Spiffy dashboard, and click on Settings.

At the Settings, under the 'Domain' section, just click on the 'Subdomain' field. You will be able to enter a new Subdomain, and click Update.

As you see in the gif above, and the image below, a confirmation to update your link will appear when you click 'Update' 

If you click 'Continue' this will automatically update all of the existing checkout links to use the new Subdomain you entered. Be sure to update any links you may already be using on your website, for ads, emails, etc.. as the links using your old subdomain will no longer work.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're always here to help at Support@Spiffy.co