Adding a User to Your Team / User Permissions

With Spiffy, you can add Users to your 'Team' giving them access to your Spiffy application, with their own log-in credentials. This comes in handy when you may have another member of your team that needs access to work in the account.

IMPORTANT: When you add a 'User' to your Team, they will have access to the entire application, but will not be able to add or remove other users. Only the 'Owner' of a Spiffy account can add/remove 'Users'. The 'Owner' of the account is the person who originally set the account up.

The following article will go over the steps of adding a 'User' to your team.

To get started, click the Profile icon in the top right corner of the Spiffy dashboard and select 'Settings':

Click ' Team' in the menu:

From the ' Team' page, you will see your list of Users, along with a button to 'Add Team Member'

Click the ' Add Team Member' button, and enter your new user's Name and Email Address.

Next, set a Permission Level for your team member. This can be modified later. (Owners & Managers can add users and modify their permission level)

Once you have configured your user, click ' Add User'. An Invitation will automatically be sent to the email address that was entered, and the user will be able to accept the invitation and log into Spiffy! More info on that, next.

The invitation will be sent to the email address that was entered. The user will need to view the email and click the ' Join Now' button:

Spiffy will prompt the user to create and confirm a Password:

After the User sets a password, they will be met with an 'Accounts' page that has your Spiffy account listed. The User will just click on the account to finish accepting the invitation.

Your User now has access to your Spiffy account, and can begin working.

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