Clearbit Data Enrichment Integration Overview

ClearBit is a service that specializes in providing additional marketing data, based on an email address.

You can now integrate ClearBit with Spiffy, and your Customer Records will start accepting and recording additional information in the record.

This information includes potential Employer / Job Title information, as well as social profiles and a public picture of the customer.

*NOTE: Not every customer will have additional data gathered, as this is based off of what ClearBit has in their database. Professional email addresses and corporate domains are primarily what ClearBit tracks.

If you are interested in integrating ClearBit with Spiffy, you will first need a ClearBit account. You can get started at

Once you have a ClearBit account, you will need to copy your ClearBit ' Secret API' from within the account's API settings.

Next, you will just need to head to your Spiffy account.

Click on the Profile icon in the top right of your Spiffy Dashbaord, and select Integrations.

On the integrations page, just find 'ClearBit' on the list and click on it.

This will open a window to paste your ClearBit 'Secret API' key in. Just paste your 'Secret API' in the field and click the 'Connect Clearbit' button.

At this point, your ClearBit account will be integrated with Spiffy, and will automatically start including additional information in customer records when orders are placed, when it is available from ClearBit.

Please let us know if you have any questions at

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