Sending Customer Emails for Failed Recurring Payments, Card Expiring, and Card Expired

Automated dunning emails are designed to help automate the process of keeping a customer's billing information up-to-date. When enabled, these emails will automatically be sent to your customer when a payment fails on a payment plan or subscription, when the card on file is a month away from expiring, and when the card on file has expired.

To enable any or all of these options, select the Profile icon from the dashboard, and then Notifications

Spiffy comes equipped with the following options for sending basic automated emails to your customers when:

1.) A recurring payment fails (Subscription/Payment Plan)

2.) The Credit Card on file is expiring

3.) The Credit Card on file has expired

These emails are a quick, simple way to make sure your customers keep their billing up-to-date. They include a message letting the customer know that either a payment has failed on their recurring billing, or that their card on file for a recurring billing is expiring/expired.

The email will include a secure link that will let them update their card on file.

*NOTE: The Spiffy generated Customer Emails pull in information from your Company Settings in your Spiffy account, and the content can not be edited, as these are designed to be simple and effective billing update emails.

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