How to Cancel a Subscription

Customer Subscriptions sometimes need to be cancelled. This article will go over how you can cancel an active subscription for one of your customers, so that the recurring billing will stop.

(If you need to cancel a customer's subscription Immediately, in the middle of the billing cycle, please see our article on Immediately Cancelling a Customer's Subscription.)

If you need to cancel a Subscription for one of your customers, Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly cancel a customer's subscription, right from their Spiffy customer record.

Cancelling a customer's active Subscription in Spiffy is very simple.

To get started:

Just navigate to your 'Customer' tab from your Spiffy dashboard.

Find and click into the customer's record.

From inside the record, you will see the customer's active subscription.

Click on the subscription to open the customer's order record.

From here, just click the options button '...' locacted in the top right of the order record, and select 'Cancel Subscription'

Just confirm the cancellation, and the customer's subscription will be put in a 'Cancelling' status, and will no longer charge the customer.

When the subscription is canceled from either the order record (as the admin), or customer portal (as the customer), the subscription will go into a 'Subscription Canceling' grace period through the end of the billing cycle.

At the end of their billing cycle, the subscription will automatically move to the 'Cancelled' status.

If you have Spiffy 'Billing Automation' set up with your integrated systems, the 'Subscription Cancelling' trigger would fire at the point that you selected to cancel the subscription, and the 'Subscription Cancelled' trigger would fire when the customer's billing cycle ends and the subscription switches to 'Cancelled'.  If you are in a situation where you need to revoke a customer's access to something like a membership portal immediately, you may need to manually run your action in your integrated system, if you do not have your Spiffy automation set up to normally do this.

NOTE: If you give your customer's access to your Spiffy account's Customer Portal, they can have the option to cancel their subscription on their own.
For more info on the Spiffy's Customer Portal, Click HERE

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