I Deleted A Spiffy Created Product In Infusionsoft. How Do I Get It Back In Infusionsoft?

If you are using the Infusionsoft integration with 'Sales Sync' enabled, you probably already know that Spiffy creates $0 products in Infusionsoft.

These are required by Infusionsoft, and when Spiffy sends over a paid 'Order Record', the product is pulled into the order, with the price you have set in your Spiffy checkout.

We recommend never deleting these products in Infusionsoft, but sometimes, this does happen, and Spiffy is equipped to handle these situations.

If you have deleted a Spiffy created 'Product' in Infusionsoft, and it is still being used on a Spiffy Checkout, we will automatically recreate the product in Infusionsoft when the next order is placed on the Spiffy checkout.

Please let us know if you have any questions at Support@Spiffy.co

We're always here to help.