Setting up an Infusionsoft Landing Page to pass Name and Email to a Spiffy Checkout

If you use Infusionsoft's Landing Pages, you can configure them to pass NAME and EMAIL to a Spiffy checkout, using Infusionsoft's landing page builder ability to set URL Parameters.

The cool thing about this is, you won't have to do anything special with Spiffy, as Infusionsoft provides the settings needed to quickly accomplish this!

Spiffy accepts the following parameters (lower-case)

For 'First Name'  -  name_first

For 'Last Name' -  name_last

For 'Email' -  email

In the Infusionsoft Landing Page builder, you will be able to go into the settings for each of these fields that you are including on the landing page, and set their 'URL PARAM' override to match!

The video above will go over this quick setup, and show a quick test of this in action!

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