Customer Record Overview

Spiffy Customer Records give you the ability to review and manage your customers that have placed orders on your Spiffy Checkouts.

As you start to receive orders on your Spiffy Checkouts, Spiffy will automatically create 'Customer Records' for each of your customers, These records will show the orders that they have placed, as well as any 'Subscriptions' that they have purchased with you.

You will be able to access the customers 'Order Records' from, which will let you manage your customer orders. (Refunding payments, cancelling Subscriptions, and more!)

*NOTE: Customer Records are created based on email. If you have repeat customers that use the same email, the existing 'Customer Record' will update to include the new purchase!

Customer Record Overview

You can access your 'Customer Records' by clicking the 'Customers' tab from your Spiffy dashboard, or by using the Spiffy Search Bar (On any page of the dashboard, just press Ctrl+F on PC, or Cmd+F on Mac, and start typing in your customer name or email address)

Once you are in a 'Customer Record' you will see that it is broken down into a few sections:

1.) Basic Customer Stats: The first section pictured above will include your customers name, as well as a timestamp of when their record was created. You will see stats for the number of orders they have placed, their lifetime value, the number of ACTIVE subscriptions and Payment Plans, as well as an indicator that will show the number of any subscriptions they may have missed a payment on.

2.) Subscriptions: If your customer has signed up for a 'Subscription', this area of the 'Customer Record' will show the subscription, allowing you to click into it to access the 'Order Record' to manage the subscription (Reattempt Failed Payments, Update Billing, Refunds, Cancelling Subscription, Changing Subscription Plan)  If your customer does not have a 'Subscription' this section will be omitted from your view.

3.) Orders:
This section will show all of the orders that your customer has placed (Initial Subscription Purchase, as well as Standard single payment / payment plan orders)  You will be able to click into any of the orders to open the 'Order Record' which will allow you to manage the order.

4.) Basic Customer Information: This section of the 'Contact Record' will show you your customer's email address, as well as the last 4 of the card that they currently have on file. *Note: Billing Information can be found from within the individual 'Order Records' for your customer

For more information on Order Records, check out our article 'Order Record Overview'

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