Upcoming Subscription Payment

Spiffy's Billing Automation settings allow the ability to trigger different actions based on a variety of billing events. Click here to view our Billing Automation Overview to get a better understanding of how to use all of our Billing Automation integrations most effectively.

Upcoming Subscription Payment

The Upcoming Subscription Payment event triggers actions 7 days prior to your customer billing on an active 'Subscription'

This is most commonly used for internal processes, or to potentially trigger an email to send out from your CRM to let your customer know that they will be billing in the next 7 days.

Not everyone will have a need for this specific automation, but we provide it as a convenience option, as some of our users have shown interest in being able to run automation prior to a customer being billed for an active 'Subscription' payment.


If you have any other questions about this event, or billing automation in general, please watch our Billing Automation Overview video, or reach out to us directly at support@spiffy.co.