Using Both the Deep Data & Native App Direct ActiveCampaign Integrations

Using Both Spiffy's Deep Data Integration and the new Spiffy Native App for ActiveCampaign

You can use Spiffy's ActiveCampaign Deep Data Integration with the new ActiveCampaign Spiffy Native App

Using both integrations is actually recommended, and how it should be used. 

Our Deep Data integration allows you to easily trigger automations & tags in ActiveCampaign, pass sales data to contact records, and see sales data in various ActiveCampaign reports. The new Spiffy Native App integration will compliment this by providing the ability to store checkout field data in ActiveCampaign custom fields.  

When an order is placed on a Spiffy checkout, Spiffy's Deep Data integration will work first, sending over your customer name / email, and order information (If the Deep Data Integration is enabled), and then the Spiffy Native App connection will update the same record adding the checkout field data to custom fields in ActiveCampiagn based on the field mapping features in ActiveCampaign. (More info on that below - it's super easy).   

Spiffy Deep Data
Spiffy's Deep Data ActiveCampaign integration is designed to easily get basic contact info (Name/Email) as well as E-Commerce sales data into ActiveCampaign contact records. It is also designed for you to easily add/remove tags and trigger automations in ActiveCampaign based on successful transactions. You can setup different integrations actions for three different purchase events: the main offer, an offer bump addon, and a one-click upsell.
Click here for more information on our Deep Data integration with ActiveCampaign.

Spiffy Native App
The Spiffy Native App is designed to give you the ability to easily store additional field data, outside of ActiveCampaign's standard contact record fields, through the creation of custom fields, and field matching through the Spiffy Native App setup. This is quite useful for sending shipping address and billing address to ActiveCampaign contact records from a successful purchase through a Spiffy checkout page.
Click here for more information on our Native App integration with ActiveCampaign.

Both of these options used together will provide a powerful connection between Spiffy and ActiveCampaign!  

Note: The Spiffy Native App will not send over E-Commerce Sales Data. 
For this, please use Spiffy's ActiveCampaign Deep Data Integration, in parallel with the Spiffy Native App.

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