Can I Auto-Apply a Discount Promo Code with URL parameters

Yes! Spiffy has the ability to apply discount promo codes that you have set up on a Checkout via URL parameters.

While we do have the feature in the Checkout Editor to automatically apply an active promo, we also provide the ability for the discount to be applied via a URL parameter. 

This ability can come in handy when you require your customers to enter the discount code, but possibly want to send specific customers a link to the Checkout, with the discount already applied, for convenience.

To get started:

You will just need to set up a Discount on your Checkout for this process to work. For more info on setting up a Discount on a Checkout, Click Here.

When linking to your Checkout, just add the URL parameter of  code=Your-Promo-Code  to the end of your Checkout URL.

( ex: