How to Add Payment Plans

Payment Plans are a great way to sell your offer with an option to pay in installments. 

Spiffy gives you the ability to add callouts, percentage based finance fees, as well as deposits to your payment plan options. You also have the option to set up plan specific integration actions that will trigger in your connected system, when a specific plan is selected on checkout.

Getting Started:

First, hover over an empty section of the checkout and select  Add Section and then Payment Plans.

By default, we will start you off with a single pay and a 3-pay option, but these can be easily modified.

Start by adding checkout items to your Payment Plan. This can include your main checkout offers, as well as your add-on offer bumps. 

Next, you will be able to start adding or removing Payment Plan options.

Configuring a Single Pay Option

From the Payment Plan Options, select the 1 Payment option to open its configuration.

(Optional) You can add a Callout to your Payment Plan option. This is commonly used to add a Best Value or a Most Popular tag.

(Optional) You can add a Deposit to a Single Pay Payment Plan option by clicking Add Deposit

Enter a Deposit Amount.

By default, the remaining payment will charge based on the payments frequency, but you can override this and set a custom delay by adding a Deposit Delay.

To add a custom delay, simply click Add Deposit Delay.

Enter the amount of days you want to delay the collection of the Initial Deposit.

If you want to have this Payment Plan option selected by default when the checkout is visited, you can tick the Selected by default checkbox.

Configuring a Multi-Pay Option

The process for setting up a Multi-Pay option is very similar to the single pay, but there are some slight differences, including the ability to add a Finance Fee.

From the Payment Plans settings, click on your Multi-Pay option to open it's configuration.

(Optional) You can add a  Callout to your Payment Plan option. This is commonly used to add a Best Value or a Most Popular tag.

Under the Payments section, configure the payment frequency and number of payments. 

(Available payment frequencies are: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months & Yearly)

(Optional) You can add a percentage based finance fee to your Payment Plan option by clicking Add Fee.

You will have the option to enter a custom  Fee Name that will show in the order summary when the Payment Plan is selected.

Next, you will be able to set up your percentage based Finance Fee. If you have already selected your checkout items that are a part of your payment plan, you will be able to use our Finance Fee Helper.

The blue numbers below are suggested amounts for each payment. Clicking one will automatically set the appropriate percentage for the fee.

Alternatively, you can click Other and enter a specific amount, and Spiffy will automatically calculate the correct percentage for the fee.

If you would like to hide the finance fee from the order summary, just tick the Hide finance fee checkbox. 

(Note: The finance fee will not be included in the subtotal. Keep this in mind when deciding to hide the finance fee line item)

Adding Integration Automation to your Payment Plan Options

You can add Integration Automations to your Payment Plan options now with Spiffy! For example, you can apply a tag in your connected system, when a specific payment plan is selected.

To get started, just select the Payment Plan option that you want to add an integration automation action to, click the orange '+' button, and then Add Automation.

Select your Integration from the list and select the available Action that you want to configure.

Configure your selected integration action, and click Finish.

After setting up and configuring your Payment Plans, be sure to Save and Publish.

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