How to Cancel a Customer's Subscription

Cancelling a customer's subscription inside of Spiffy is quick and easy, In this quick article, we will show you how to do this.

Navigate to the customer's order record. (You can easily search for your customer in the Spiffy Search Bar)

Click on the 'Settings' button in the subscription block, and select 'Cancel'

From here, just select the option to cancel at the 'End of Cycle' or cancel 'Immediate' and click 'Cancel Subscription'

End of Cycle: This will turn off "Auto-Charge", but keep the subscription status active until the end of the billing cycle. Canceling at the end of the cycle will put the subscription into a Canceling Grace Period status, and trigger the Subscription Canceling billing automation events (if you have those setup).

Immediate: This will immediately cancel the subscription, and will trigger the Subscription Canceled billing automation events (if you have those setup).

Click here to learn more about billing automation events.

If you have any questions about managing subscriptions, please let us know at

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