How to Take an Upfront Deposit on Payment Plans

Spiffy gives you the ability to set up a 'Deposit' on your Payment Plan options, allowing you to collect a specific up-front amount on the first payment of a payment plan.  The 'Deposit' will act as an additional up-front payment for your payment plan, so be sure to account for this when setting up the 'Number of Payments' for your payment plan, if you are including a 'Deposit'.

When setting up a 'Deposit' you will set a specific amount of the full price of your offer to charge on the first payment, and the remaining amount will be split equally among the subsequent payments. 

For example: if you are selling a $300 product, and want to offer the customer an option to make a total of 4 payments, with the first payment being $100, you would set up a 3-pay payment plan, and then set the $100 deposit payment. This would result in 4 total payments, with the initial payment being $100, and the remaining cost of your offer will be split among 3 additional payments, creating a total of 4 payments when you include the initial deposit payment. 


If you aren't familiar with how to set up Payment Plans in the Spiffy Checkout Editor, please take a look at our Setting Up Payment Plans Overview first.

To get started, you will need to have a Payment Plan option configured for more than 1 payment:

Note: Adding a 'Deposit' will result in an additional payment, so be sure to account for this when setting your number of payments. If you are trying to set up a 4-pay option that INCLUDES the initial deposit payment, you would set the number of payments to 3, as your deposit that you configure will act as the additional 1st payment.

Click the 'Collect Deposit' button:

Enter a Deposit Amount:

By default, Spiffy will automatically delay the first 'Payment Plan Payment' based on the frequency you set above, so from here, you can save your changes, and when you are ready, just 'Publish' your checkout.


If you would like to set a custom delay (EX: Collect a deposit, and then start remaining MONTHLY payments a week later), Just click the 'Add Custom Delay' button and enter a specific amount of days to delay the start of the remaining payments.

Once you have finished setting up your deposit, just 'Save' the Payment Plan configuration, and when you are ready, just 'Publish' your checkout!

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