How to Only Offer a Payment Plan Option (Disable Full Pay)

One of Spiffy's most requested features was the ability to only offer a Payment Plan (multi-pay) option on a checkout, and disable the 'Full Pay' option.

With Spiffy's flexible Payment Plan options, you can do this by setting up a multi-pay Payment Plan option only, or deleting the 'Single Pay' option, if you had already created one.

If you are not familiar with setting up Payment Plans in the Spiffy Checkout Editor, please review our Payment Plan Setup Overview first, to get started!

Getting Started

If you are just setting up your Payment Plan, and only want to offer a multi-payment option, just create your Payment Plan option (ex: 3 month plan), and make sure that the 'Selected by Default' box is ticked.

Once you have selected the checkout items that should be included in the Payment Plan, just click 'Save', and when you are ready, 'Publish' your checkout.

If you have a checkout that happens to already have a full pay option, along with a multi-pay option, you will be able to delete the full pay option and set the remaining multi-pay option to be selected at default.

Again, always be sure that you have set your remaining option to 'Selected at Default' as the checkout will still default to a 'Full Pay' option if this is not done.

Once you have finished configuring your payment plan, just save the 'Payment Plan' configuration, and when you are ready, just Publish the checkout.

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