Taxes by Spiffy Overview

Welcome to Taxes by Spiffy!

Taxes by Spiffy is designed to be a quick and easy solution to start charging sales tax on checkouts.

If you set up your taxable country as 'United States' you will be able to select all of the states that you will need to charge tax in (Nexus). 

If you select the UK or a country in the EU, you will be able to start automatically charging VAT, as well as enable VAT MOSS, if you are enrolled.

NOTE: Taxes by Spiffy is designed to provide a quick and easy solution for calculating and adding TAX/VAT to orders. Spiffy does not handle any filing or reporting on taxes. For a more robust tax solution, please check out our TaxJar integration.
  • Spiffy bases tax calculations on the State & Zipcode selected at checkout, when United States tax is enabled.
  • Spiffy bases tax calculations on the Country selected at checkout, when UK or EU tax is enabled.
  • You MUST have the billing information fields on your checkout to include taxes, as tax calculation relies on specific billing information

To setup taxes, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect the Taxes by Spiffy integration at the account-level integration settings
  2. Setup your tax settings, for where you want to charge tax
  3. Edit your existing products and items on your checkouts to be Taxable

Here's a quick overview of these steps...

1. Connect the Taxes by Spiffy Integration

To get started, you will first need to enable and configure Taxes by Spiffy from your account's 'Integrations' settings.

Click on the profile icon at the top right of the Spiffy Dashboard, and select 'Integrations' 

From the available integrations, scroll down and find and click on "Taxes by Spiffy".

2. Configure Your Tax Settings

Select your Business Country from the dropdown menu, and click 'Enable Taxes'. Selecting United States or UK/EU countries will display additional configuration options.

Select: United States

Then select the 'States' where you have Nexus, and where you need to charge tax. Then click 'Save Settings'

Select: UK or EU countries

You will have the option to enable the 'VAT MOSS' toggle if you are already enrolled in VAT Mini One Stop Shop. For more info on VAT MOSS, Click Here

Just click 'Save Changes' to finish

3. Update Existing Checkouts & Subscriptions to be "Taxable".

Next, you will need to set any products that need to charge Tax/Vat to 'Taxable'. 

We will go over how you enable taxes on both Subscription products, as well as your Standard offers, as the process between the two does differ.

The process for enabling tax for your existing checkouts is different depending on whether you are using Standard offers, or Subscriptions. 

Below are quick tutorials on how to update your existing checkouts to make them taxable.

NOTE: If you are using both subscriptions and one-time payment items on a single checkout together, and you need to charge tax for both, you will need to follow the steps for both Subscriptions and Standard Offers below, to make the entire checkout taxable.

Enabling Tax Calculation on a STANDARD offers

To enable tax calculations on an Standard offer (non-subscription) you will need to navigate to your individual checkouts and enable tax calculation on your offer items.

From the Checkout Editor, just navigate to the 'Offers' tab. Then, under the 'Manage Items' section, just click the options button '...' and select 'Taxable' for any order items that should calculate tax.

Once you have enabled tax calculation on applicable products and see the blue 'Taxable' indicator, just 'Publish' your checkout to save the changes, and Spiffy will automatically calculate and add tax to orders based on your initial tax setup.

Enabling Tax Calculations on SUBSCRIPTION products

To enable tax calculation on SUBSCRIPTION products, you will need to navigate to your 'Products' tab on the Spiffy Dashboard, and click on a subscription.

Just click on the 'Settings' icon and select the 'Is this product Taxable?' option and 'Save'.  You will see a Taxable indicator appear.

When a checkout includes a Subscription Plan for this Subscription Product, Spiffy will automatically calculate taxes when applicable, based on your initial tax setup.

If you have any questions about Taxes by Spiffy, please let us know at

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