Sales Data Overview


With Spiffy, you can quickly access and review important sales data. You can also make and save filters for your data and export results as a CSV file.

Sales Drop-Down Menu

  • Orders - a list of all the orders that have been placed
  • Customers: a list of all customers who have placed an order through your Spiffy
  • Subscriptions: a list of all subscriptions, active/inactive  
  • Payment Plans: a list of all payment plans, active/inactive
  • Payments: a list of ALL payments initial/recurring, complete/failed

Applying Filters to a List

Spiffy allows you to filter each list from the Sales drop-down menu. Depending on the list, there are different filters you can apply. 

After selecting a list from the Sales drop-down, you will be able to add some of our filters to your results. To start adding filters, just select the Add Filters and choose which filter/s you'd like to use.

You can add additional filters to see more specific results by selecting Add Filter again.

You can modify your existing filters by simply clicking on the filter you added.

If you wish to remove a filter, just hover and click the 'x' on the filter.

Saving a Custom Filter List

If you have a filter setup made that you'd like to save, simply select Saved Filters and Save Current Filters. You need to have at least 1 filter in use to able to save your custom filter list. Give your filter a name, then Save Filter List. These can be used for ongoing reporting.

Now, when you come back to the list, you will be able to select Saved Filters and select the filter setup that you saved.

Exporting Your Sales Data to CSV

Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly export a list. You can export all results by selecting Export within your list. The exported data will reflect any filters you have added to the list.

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