Sales Data Overview

Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly access and review important sales data. Viewing and reviewing your sales data is one of the most important parts of running your business, and with Spiffy, you can quickly access and filter the data that matters to you.

From seeing an entire list of your customers, or viewing all active subscriptions,  to seeing a list of all orders that included a specific promo code in a 3 day period last month, Spiffy have you covered with a wide range of flexible filters you can configure! 

You can even save the filters that you have set up for a list for easy access, as well as export your results to a CSV file!

Sales data in Spiffy is broken down into just a few important lists. From the Spiffy Dashboard, just click on 'Sales' and select one of the following options to view:

  • Orders: A list of all orders that have been placed on your Spiffy Checkout pages.
  • Customers: A list of all of your customers that have placed orders on your Spiffy Checkout pages.
  • Subscriptions: A list of all subscriptions, active/inactive
  • Payment Plans: A list of all payment plans, active/inactive
  • Payments: A list of ALL payments Initial/Recurring  Complete/Failed

Applying 'Filters' to a list:

As mentioned above, Spiffy separates your sales data into a few different list types. Be sure to explore the filters available for each list type, as they do differ based on the list type you are viewing.

After selecting a list from the Sales option, you will be able to modify your results by adding different filters that we provide. To start adding filters, just click the ' Add Filters' button, and select a filter.

This will open the filter's configuration pop-up. Just configure it accordingly, and then click ' Add Filter' to apply the filter and refresh your list.

You can add additional filters to see more specific results by clicking the 'Add Filters' button again, and selecting another.

You can modify your existing filters by just clicking on the filter.

If you need to remove a filter, just click the 'x' on the filter.

Saving your configured 'Filters' for quick access:

As you start to discover the different ways to filter your lists to get specific sales data, you will find that you may want to save the setup. This is great for when you create filtered lists that can be used for ongoing reporting.

To save your filters for a list, you will need to add at least 1 filter to a list.

Once you have added all of the filters you need, just click the 'Saved Filters' button, and select the option to 'Save Current Filters'.

Just give the saved filters a name that makes sense to you, and click 'Save Filter List'

Now, when you come back to the specific list, you will be able to just click the 'Saved Filters' button and select the filter setup that you saved!

Exporting your sales data to CSV:

Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly export a list. You can export all results by just going to a list, but if you have added filters to a list first, the exported data will reflect those filters!

Just navigate to a list type from the 'Sales' tab, and click the 'Export' button (located at the top right hand corner when viewing a list) to download a CSV of the list. Just be sure to include any filters that you may want, prior to exporting.

If you have any questions about your sales data in Spiffy, or any questions about adding filters, let us know at

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