Saving Your Filtered Sales Data Searches

As you explore the your Spiffy Sales Data, and start setting up filters, you may find that you want to save your filter setup for easy access in the future. Spiffy makes it quick and simple to do this

Getting Started:

Hover over 'Sales' on the Spiffy Dashboard and select the list you would like to view.

Set up any criteria filters that you need with the 'Add Filters' options.

Click the 'Saved Filters' button and select the option to 'Save Current Filters'

Just give your saved filter a name and click 'Save Filtered List'

Now, when you come to this list in the future, you will be able to click the 'Saved Filters' button and select the filters you had previously saved.

If you need to delete one of your 'Saved Filters' just click the 'x' to the right of the name, and this will be removed from your list.

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