Order Summary Item Management Overview

In this quick overview video, we will take a look at how you manage items in your checkout's order summary. This overview video will show you how to add additional items to your order as well.

Lets say you have set up a Spiffy Checkout for a subscription, but would like to add an additional one-time purchase to the order. This overview will show you how to add additional line items to the order summary.

To manage your order summer / order items, just head to one of your Spiffy Checkouts, and in the editor, just hover over the order summary, and click 'Edit Order Summary' to open the 'Item Management' view.

From the 'Item manage' screen, you will be able to do the following:
  • Add Items
  • Modify Item Name / Pricing
  • Reorder items (Drag and drop)
  • Delete Items
  • Enable Tax on Item (Requires the TaxJar Integration or Taxes By Spiffy to be enabled)

If you have any questions about the order summary or item management in the Spiffy Checkout Editor, let us know at Support@Spiffy.co

We're always here to help.