Adding a Verify Email Field

A common situation that our users come across is that their customers sometimes type in their email address incorrectly. This can lead to customers not receiving any follow-up emails that you have set up to send out.

Spiffy gives you the option to include a second email field for your customers to verify their email address with on the checkout! A field for verifying an email address can help eliminate some of instances of customers accidentally inputting their email incorrectly.

Getting Started

Navigate to the Editor for one of your Spiffy Checkout pages, and hover over the 'Contact Information' block, and click 'Edit Block'

The option you will need to enable is under the ' Advanced Settings'. Just click 'Show' to display them

Under the ' Advanced Options' you will notice that there are two options:

  • Email Typo Suggest : This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled via the toggle. This feature will help customers that happen to misspell major domains by displaying a simple 'did you mean...?" when a common misspelling is detected.

  • Confirm Email Address: Enable a second email field to confirm the customer's email. Must match before the order can be placed

To enable the email verification field, just turn on the ' Confirm Email Address' toggle. From here, you will have the option to add a label above the Confirm Email Address field (Field Label), as well as the option to customize the placeholder for the field (Field Placeholder). Customizing these is not required.

Once you have enabled the 'Confirm Email Address' verification field, just click 'Save' at the top of the 'Contact Info' settings, and you will see the field appear below the regular 'Email' field on your checkout!

When you are ready, just 'Publish' your checkout, and your 'Confirm Email Address' field will be live! 

If you have any questions about our advanced email field settings, please let us know at

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