Adding a Subscription to an Existing Checkout

A common question we get asked, is if Spiffy has the ability to add a subscription to an existing checkout offer.  This is commonly used when creating bundle offers that include a one-time offer, along with a recurring subscription.

With the Spiffy checkout editor, you can create checkout bundles that include both standard and subscription offers!

Getting Started:

From the editor of your existing checkout, just hover over an empty section of the checkout and click 'Add Section' and select 'Subscriptions'

Next, just click to add a new subscription option

From here, you will be able to choose an existing subscription plan that you have created, or create a brand new subscription plan

After you have selected your subscription plan, you can add 'Free Trial' days to postpone the first payment subscription

If you want to add additional plans (ex: a Monthly and an Annual option) just click to add an additional plan. If you are only including 1 subscription plan option, be sure that it is set to be selected by default, as your customer will not see a plan picker if only 1 plan is available.

Once you have configured your Subscription options, just click 'Save' at the top of the 'Subscriptions' configuration, and when you are ready, just 'Publish' your checkout, and the changes will go live!

If you have any questions about adding Subscription Options to an existing checkout, just send us a note at

We're always here to help