How to Add a Subscription as a One-Click Upsell

Upsells are a great way to get an additional offer in front of customers who are already purchasing from your business. With Spiffy, you can quickly create a one-click upsell offer at your checkout in the checkout editor.

The upsell offer will be presented to your customer immediately  after their purchase - the sale has already happened. Whether they accept or decline, the initial purchase has been processed. 

Any Discount/Promo code used on the main checkout will not reflect on the upsell option, as discounts do not apply to upsells/upgrades

This overview will go over how to set up a Subscription options as a one click upsell. If you are wanting to set up a standard single pay upsell, please see our overview HERE. If you are interested in creating your own custom upsell page on your website, please see our Embedded Custom Upsell Overview

Selecting a Layout:

Spiffy currently offers two layout options for Upsell pages. 

1) A default two-column layout with an option for a video and a product image

2) A single column video layout

Use the Layout Settings dropdown in the Upsell Settings to select one of the available layouts. Select one of the available layouts and Save to switch layouts.

Here are a couple quick examples of how the two layout options look. Be sure to experiment with both to see which one best fits your content and offer!

Default Layout
(this has the option to include a small video as well as a product image):

Video Layout (this has the option to include a large video, does not include product image):

Getting started:

First, select add upsell at the top of your checkout editor.

(You can also add multiple upsells this way, these will display to the customer one after another, after the initial checkout. However, Spiffy recommends no more than 2 post-purchase one-click upsells per checkout)

Spiffy will display some placeholder content to give you an idea on how things will look, as you begin to configure your upsell! 

Now you will have the option to modify the URL slug for the upsell. By default, it will be "/offer"

Next, hovering over the upsell editor, select Edit Block to begin creating your one-click upsell.

In the Product Settings, select Subscription Options. This will switch the offer configuration over to the subscription offer setup.

Next, we will begin configuring Subscription options. Spiffy gives you the ability to offer more than one subscription option in an upsell, meaning you will have the ability to offer something like a Monthly or Annual option for your customer to choose from!

We will go over setting up the first option, but you will be able to add additional options and repeat these steps as needed.

In the Product Settings, click on the Subscription Option and start by entering your offer name in the Text field (e.g: VIP Pro Subscription Monthly).

If you would like this option to be selected by default when the customer reaches your upsell offer, be sure that the Selected by Default checkbox is ticked.

Next, you will be able to set a Subscription Plan for this option. Click Select a Subscription and choose a subscription from the dropdown. You will also have the option to create a new Subscription/Plan if needed.

Optional: If you would like to add a trial to your subscription upsell, select Add Trial and enter the number of days you would like the trial to run before charging the first subscription payment.

Optional: You can choose to Add a startup fee. This is commonly used if there are added expenses when getting a customer started on their subscription. If this is used alongside trial days, the startup fee will still charge when the upsell is accepted by your customer. If no trial days are included, both the startup fee and the first subscription payment will be charged upon accepting the upsell.

NOTE: If you are using a startup fee with multiple subscription options on this upsell, the fee will apply to all available plans.

To add a startup fee, select Subscription Startup Fee to enter a Price and a Line Item Name.

Below Item Settings, you will have an advanced option to change the name of the offer. The default for this is One-Time Offer, which will be shown above the Line Item Name in order summaries/invoices.

Next, you will be able to modify the content for the upsell page by clicking on the  Content Settings. You will be able to input a Headline, a Description, as well as the optional ability to add an Upsell Video.

In Button Settings, you can modify the text for accepting and declining the offer. The color can be modified by visiting the design page for the checkout. There is a quick link to this in the upsell button settings.

In Button Text, you will see the merge field "{price}" which shows the price of the upsell within your accept button.

Next, you can modify the line item name for your offer. This will display on order summaries and receipts. Select Item Settings and then Edit to modify this.

Now that you have finished configuring your subscription upsell, you can add additional subscription options (e.g: Monthly, Annual, etc). To do this, select Add Option and repeat these steps, or check out the next section of this article to learn about setting up automation to trigger when the upsell is accepted!

When you are finished, Save at the top of the Upsell Settings, and then you can Publish.

Adding Integration Automation to Your Subscription Upsell Options

You can integrate your connected systems (such as Active Campaign, Infusionsoft/Keap, Hubspot, Zapier) into your one-click upsell to trigger specific actions. 
For example, you can set up an automation such as applying a tag in Active Campaign when the upsell is accepted.
You will set up automation individually on the available subscription options. For example, if your upsell subscription offers a choice between a monthly and an annual subscription, you will set up the automation individually, for each option.

To do this, select Add Automation and choose the integration system you wish to use.

Selecting A dd Automation will open a pop-up to begin setting up an automation action. Select your connected system to get started

Select an available Action, set it up accordingly, and Finish.

You can review and modify these integration actions by opening Automations

You can also head over to the Automations tab in the editor, to see all of your automations and their connected options (upsells, add-ons, subscriptions and payment plans).

Don't forget to save and publish once you have created your one-click upsell!

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