What is Billing Address Optimized Layout?

The Optimized Layout for Address Fields

The Optimized Layout is a streamlined layout for the address fields on your checkout.

By default Optimized Layout is turned "ON". This is important for a couple different reasons, however if you, or your customers, prefer the traditional order of the address fields, you can turn this Optimized Layout "OFF" (not recommecned).

Benefits of the Optimized Layout:

  1. Standardizing Inputs for Taxes & Database Best Practices
  2. Fraud Prevention

1) Standarizing Inputs

Asking for Country before State, City, and ZIp allows us to standardize the input field for States/Provinces based on what country is selected. This helps with domestic tax calculations in the US, and also ensures that your database/CRM is organized, and that states aren't being entered in variety of different abreviations, ex: North Carolina, N. Carolina, NC, N.C., N.C, and NC. With our Optimized layout, the state dropdown menu means that all of your customers will have a single standard value for the state. This makes it easier to segment and filter your data base, to find all customers in a particular state, because you search for one value.

2) Fraud Prevention

Filling out the Country field before Zip/Postal code allows is to validate the Zip/Postal Code base on the expected format of the Country Selected This allows us to proactively prevent fraud and spam transactions, before the payment attempt reaches your payment gateway (Ex: Stripe, PayPal), reducing the number of chargebacks and fraud exposure to your gateway.

If you turn Optimized Layout "Off" then the fields the fields will show up in the order you would expect, as if you were writing out an address on an envelope.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Email us at support@spiffy.co. We are always here to help!