How to Exclude Countries on a Checkout

Spiffy allows you to easily exclude countries from a checkouts address blocks.

The settings for excluding countries on a checkout are set up on a per-checkout basis. This is not an account level setting, so you will need to set this up from within your Spiffy Checkout Editor.

Getting Started:

From inside the Editor for any checkout, click on your Address Block -> then Edit Block.

In the Address settings sidebar, open the Country Field section. From there, select any countries you don't want to include from the Excluded Countries drop down list.

Tip: If you need to set up a checkout to allow for only a small number of countries, click Select All, then simply remove the countries you want to allow.

Once you have your excluded countries selected, be sure to Save at the top of the Address menu, and when you are ready, you can Publish your checkout!

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