Managing Your Subscription Products, Tiers and Plans in Spiffy

Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly manage your subscription products and plans from one place:

Under the Products tab on the Spiffy Dashboard, you will be able to create, edit or delete Subscription Products, Tiers and Plans that can be used in your Spiffy Checkouts.

Subscriptions in Spiffy work by first creating a subscription product -> followed by creating a tier, or multiple tiers -> and then adding plans to the tiers.

Once created, the Subscription Plans will be available when setting up a subscription based checkout.

A Few Things to Note:

- If you delete a Subscription Product or Plan, any customers that are already subscribed will be unaffected by this and will still be charged the same amount they subscribed at

- After deleting a Subscription Product or Plan, any existing checkouts that used the plan will still be active. You will have to modify your existing checkouts to include a different plan.

- Subscription Tiers were added to Spiffy in December of 2020. If you find that you have an older subscription that is not in a tier, it was created prior to the launch of Subscription Tiers. You can easily move an older subscription into a tier by clicking on the move icon and selecting a tier to move it into.

- Once you have added a subscription plan to a tier, you will not be able to move it to another tier. If you added a plan to a tier by mistake, you will just need to recreate the plan under the correct tier.

Creating a New Subscription Product and Adding Available Subscription Plans

From the Spiffy Dashboard, select the Products tab.

Select Create New Subscription and enter a name for your new Subscription Product and then Create.

From your Subscription Product dashboard, you will be able to start setting up your tiers and plans. To get started, click Create New Tier.

Enter your Subscription Tier Name and Create.

(Note: Even if you don't need multiple tiers, you will still need to create a single tier and add your plan options to it.)

Now you will create your first Plan for your Subscription Product. Enter a Plan Name (e.g: monthly, yearly), a Price and a Frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months & Yearly)

You will see your new Subscription Plan in the Tiers & Plans area of the Subscription Dashboard, under the tier it was created in. 

If you need to create additional plans for a subscription tier, select  Create New Plan and follow the previous step to enter the plan details.

You will also have the option to add more Tiers to your subscription by selecting Create New Tier and following the steps above.

Adding a Plan to an Existing Subscription Product Tier

From the Spiffy Dashboard, select the Products tab.

Find your existing Subscription Product from the list and select it.

On the Subscription Dashboard, select Add New Plan in the Plans section.

Enter a  Plan Name (e.g: monthly, yearly), a Price and a Frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months & Yearly).

Deleting a Plan From a Subscription Product

From the Spiffy Dashboard, select the Products tab.

Find and click on the  Subscription Product you wish to delete a plan from.

Find the plan that you would like to delete under the Plans & Tiers section and click the trashcan icon.

Confirm that you would like to delete this plan. 

( Note: Any customer that may have an active subscription under this plan will not be affected, and will still be billed as normal. Any checkout that may contain the plan you are deleting will also be unaffected, so be sure to audit any checkouts that you may need to modify.)

Deleting an Entire Subscription Product and All of Its Available Tiers & Plans

From the Spiffy Dashboard, select the Products tab.

Find and click on the Subscription Product you wish to delete.

Next, select the trashcan icon in the top right to delete the Subscription Product and all of its Plans, and confirm to delete.

Adding Tier Based Subscription Automation / Billing Automation

Spiffy gives you the option to set up Billing Automation for each of your subscription tiers, giving you the ability to run specific automations such as applying a certain tag when events like a payment failure, or subscription cancellation occur. 

(In the past, we only offered global billing automation options, but now, you can set up more specific automation, based on specific subscription tiers!)

The event options available will mirror the options that you currently have available in the global billing automation, along with a couple of new options, such as  Subscription Started and Subscription Swapped.

Subscription Started - an automation will run whenever a customer starts a subscription plan in the selected tier. This is commonly used to trigger an automation in your connected system to grant access to your product.

Subscription Swapped - an automation will run when a customer's subscription is swapped AWAY from a specific tier to another. To use this automation, you will configure the event on the tier that the customer is moving away from. This is commonly used to remove specific tags that grant access. 

Here is a list of all of our previous automation events, with our new Subscription Started and Subscription Swapped options added:

NOTE: If you have set up global automation in the past for subscription payment failures, cancellations, etc, be sure to review your existing configuration in the Automations option of your profile icon before setting up your Subscription tier based automation. The global settings you have configured in the past would still run along side any tier based automation you configure.

To get started with tier based automation, click into a subscription product. and select the settings cog icon for the tier.

Select Automations.

This will switch to the Automations view for your tier - where you will be able to set up event actions, as well as see and manage the event actions.

Select Add Action to start configuring a new action.

Select an event from the list.

Select your integrated system.

Select an available Integration Action from the list (e.g here is the Active Campaign integration)

Configure your Integration Action, and Finish to save

Your configured integration action will now appear in the Automations view for your tier. 

You can modify, remove, or add additional actions by clicking Add Action and following these steps again.

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