Checkbox and Radio Button Layout Options

When using Radio and Checkbox options, you will have to option to change the layout of these options. The Layout options will let you quickly transform your options from their traditional radio and checkbox look, into stylish buttons!

When setting up Radio options or Checkbox options, you can select an alternate 'Layout' from the dropdown in the option configuration. Click 'Save' to see the change! 

Also, be sure to experiment with the layout's 'Width Options' to find the best available look for your checkout.

There are the six (6) layout options (Screenshot Examples Below):

  • Basic Radio Buttons or Basic Checkboxes (Default)
  • Stacked
  • Side by Side
  • Flat
  • Simple & Center
  • Auto-width

Below are some preview screenshots of the different layouts listed above.


Screenshots of Layout Options:

Experiment with the available options to see which one is the best fit for you.

Stacked Layout

Side by Side Layout

Note: You will want to modify this layout option's 'Width Settings' to [Option Width 1/2 - Block Width: Full]

Flat Layout

Simple & Center Layout


For more info on setting up Radio and Checkbox options on your Spiffy Checkout, take a look at this article:

Adding Checkbox, Radio & Dropdown options to your Spiffy Chekout

In the future, we plan to add additional layout options. If you have any ideas or questions about these layout options, let us know at

We're always here to help!