I Have a Subscription Plan That Isn't in a Tier, Can I Move It to One?

Yes, you can! If you have a Subscription Plan that is not currently in a tier, this is because you created your subscription plan before Spiffy introduced tiers to your subscription products.

NOTE: Once you have moved an existing Subscription Plan into a tier, you will not be able to move it again. If you happen to move your plan into the wrong tier, it would need to be deleted and re-created. Any customer that may currently be on the plan will not be affected and will continue to be charged as normal.

Old subscription plans that were created before our launch of Tiers will look like this when viewing your subscription product in the Products section:

You will need to have at least 1 tier created for your subscription product to be able to move your existing plan. If you have set up a tier, simply click on the Move icon and select a Tier to move your existing plan into.

Once you have selected a Tier from the dropdown, you can confirm the Move.

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