Cancelling Customer Subscriptions From Inside Hubspot Contact Record

With our Hubspot integration, you will be able to manage simple functions surrounding your customer's Subscriptions, Payments & Orders from in the Hubspot contact record.

Spiffy automatically syncs incoming Subscriptions, Payments and Orders to the Hubspot contact record when you connect your Hubspot account to Spiffy.

Cancelling customer subscriptions from within their Hubspot contact record will cancel the subscription at the end of the current billing cycle. If you need to cancel immediately, please handle this from within Spiffy.

To cancel customer subscriptions from within Hubspot, just navigate to their contact record and do the following:

1. Find the subscription in the Hubspot right sidebar.
2. Click Actions
3. Select Cancel
4. Confirm Cancellation

You will see the Cancelling indicator on the subscription.

Clicking the Actions button again will give you an option to resume the subscription.

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