Can I Set Up Shipping Fees On A Checkout

With Spiffy, you can set up flat rate shipping options, using our 'Options' block in the checkout editor. Spiffy doesn't currently support dynamic shipping costs based on address, so take this into account when setting up a checkout for a product that needs to charge shipping costs.


Setting Up Shipping Options using the Option block with price modifiers:

1.) Add an Option block to one of your existing blocks, or an empty section on the checkout

2.) Select the 'Radio Option' type

3.) It is recommended to set up a label referencing 'Shipping Options' in the option settings

4.) Configure your Shipping option labels (Ex: Standard Shipping, Priority Shipping etc)

5.) Next, add flat rate shipping costs to your options by clicking the 'Orange Plus' icon, and selecting 'Add Single Pay' (If one of your options is 'Free Shipping' you will skip this step)

6.) Configure the 'Price' for your options. (If one of your options is 'Free Shipping' you will skip this step)

7.) Remove or add any additional options. (To remove any unneeded options, just click the '...' and select 'Remove Option'

8.) IMPORTANT: Be sure to select one of your shipping options to be the default option. Just click on the option in the settings, and tick the 'Selected by default' box.

9.) Once you have configured your shipping options and price modifiers, be sure to click 'Save' and when you are ready, publish your checkout

Additional Info:

You will have the option to store your options to a field, or set up automation in your integrated system to indicate which option was selected.

If you would like to store the selection to a field that can be used with integrations, just click the 'Save selections to a field' button in your option settings, and select a field. For more info on setting up field mapping with your integrated system, Click Here

Alternatively, if you would like to set up automation for each option to trigger an action in your connected system, like applying a specific tag, just click on each of your options, click on the orange '+' icon, and select 'Add Automation'.  For more info on setting up automation for individual options, Click Here

Be sure to save any additional changes, and when you are ready, just publish your checkout

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