How to Offer Lifetime Deals on Subscriptions

With Spiffy, you can set up an offer that either gives your customer the option to pay once, or to set up a recurring subscription.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following: 

Initial Checkout and Options Setup

Start by creating a checkout for a Standard offer for $0 (the pricing will be handled by the price modifiers you will set up soon).

In the Spiffy Checkout Editor, add a Radio Options block

Within the Radio Options, you will have the option to create a label.

Select the Options to start configuring them. 

(By default, there will be 3 options, but you can add/remove options as needed).

Next, you will start to configure the options, this can be done in any order, but we will start with setting up the Single Pay option.

Select the first option and name it in the Text field.

Next, click on the orange " +" button for the option, and select Add Single Pay.

Set your Price and Line Item Name for your Single Pay option.

IMPORTANT: You will want to have either the Single Pay or Recurring Subscription as the Selected by Default option. 

If you would like the single pay option to be selected by default, tick Selected by Default the checkbox here. 

Next, we will create the recurring subscription option.

Select a (new) Option, and name it in the Text field.

Select the orange "+" button and then Add Subscription.

Select an existing subscription plan, or create a new one via the Subscription dropdown.

(You will also have the option to modify the Line Item Name here, and add subscription trial days via the Add Trial button).

IMPORTANT: You will want to have either the Single Pay or Recurring Subscription as the Selected by Default option. 

Don't forget to press Save to finish!

Adding Automation to Your Individual Options

Next, we will go over how you can add automation to your individual options. 

This will give you the ability to trigger an automation in your connected systems, as well as potentially add option-specific tags to each option, that could apply in your connected system when that option is selected at checkout.

To get started, select your first option in Radio Options, click the orange "+" button and choose Add Automation.

Select an available integration that you have connected with Spiffy.

Select an available action for your connected system.

Choose the Settings for your action (here we selected Apply Tags).

Once you have configured the action, Finish

Radio Button Layout Options

Finally, we have some recommended layout options for offers of this style that will transform your standard Radio Buttons.

In Radio Options, you can adjust the Width and Layout Settings.

TIP: The Side By Side layout option works best with width options of [Option Width: 1/2 - Block Width: Full].

Be sure to Save and Publish your changes.

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