How Do I Validate My Spiffy Checkouts Domain with Facebook Pixel?

Validating your Spiffy Checkout domain is now required when integrating Facebook Pixel. You will be able to quickly add your Spiffy Checkouts domain and get validation meta-data all from the Facebook Business Centre.

In your Facebook Business Settings, under Brand Safety select Domains and click Add.

Enter your Spiffy Domain Name, excluding https:// (e.g and click Add Domain

Select Meta-Tag verification for the domain and copy the provided meta-tag. Don't close this page, as you will be back in a moment to verify your installation.

Note: If you don't see domain options after adding your Spiffy Checkouts domain, you may need to refresh the Facebook Business Settings page.

Paste the copied meta-tag into the Spiffy Integration Settings and click Update Settings.

Once the settings are saved, navigate back to your Facebook Business Settings and click Verify

When you see the confirmation that your domain has been verified, you are all set!

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