Adding Advanced Custom Tracking Code To A Checkout

For our advanced users that may have their own custom tracking code solutions, Spiffy Checkouts allows you to easily install your custom tracking scripts on you individual checkouts.

Spiffy already has integrations with Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics that can quickly install those tracking solutions on all of your checkouts, but if you have a more custom solution, you will be able to install your tracking scripts via the 'Settings' tab of the editor for your checkouts!

Installing custom tracking code on a checkout will load the code on the main checkout, any Upsell/Upgrade pages for the checkout, as well as the default Spiffy Thank-You page.

To install your custom tracking code on a checkout, just navigate to that checkout's editor and click on the 'Settings' tab.

In the checkout 'Settings' scroll to the 'Custom Tracking Code' section

Paste your custom tracking code in the the box pictured below, and when you are ready, be sure to 'Publish' your checkout

NOTE: If you happen to paste in Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics tracking code, you will notice a prompt letting you know that we do offer a more robust direct integration with these services.

(Example of Facebook Pixel, GTM or Google Analytics code being detected)

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