Embedded Upsell Overview

Spiffy gives you the ability to create your own custom upsell pages through the use of embedded links. You can now set up upsell offers for your Spiffy checkout, and have the option to use embedded Accept/Decline links that we provide.

This overview will show you how to get started with setting up an embedded upsell. 

We will cover the basic setup in Spiffy, and show you how to use the links that we will provide for use on your own custom upsell page on your website. You will even be able to convert any existing upsells to embedded custom upsell pages.

Getting Started:

1. From within the Spiffy checkout page, click on the Upsell tab of the flow. If it is new, click to add an upsell. If you have an existing upsell on your checkout that you want to convert to an embedded custom upsell page, select the existing upsell.

2. Next, you will need to turn on the Custom Upsell Page toggle, and provide the URL that you will be building your custom upsell page on. This will redirect your customers to the custom upsell page when they reach your upsell offer. 

3. After toggling on the Custom Upsell Page you will notice that the upsell editor switches to a Simple Editor. From here, you will be handling all the content on your custom page. You are ready to start setting up your upsell offer. (If you are converting an existing upsell, you should see that your offer and pricing are already set from before). 

4.) IMPORTANT - When setting up custom upsell pages, be sure to paste the provided code script on ANY page that you are using upsell links on

This will ensure that customers with 3rd party cookies disabled are able to see your upsell offers during checkout (- iOS 14 currently blocks 3rd party cookies. Google Chrome plans to disable 3rd party cookies for users over the next year -)

The code above is the same code that we provide for Embedded / Popup Checkouts, and is the same for EVERY checkout. If you are looking to save time, you can install this code on EVERY page of your website.

Next, we will take a look at how to set up a Standard single pay upsell offer, as well as a Subscription upsell, as there are some differences in the setup process.

Configuring a Standard Single Pay Upsell Offer:

1. From the upsell editor, select the  Edit button to open the upsell offer configuration.

2. From the offer configuration bar, click to expand the offer. From here, you will be able to update the offer pricing and line item name.

3. Here you can add an automation to trigger in your connected systems when a customer accepts your offer. Click Add Automation, select your connected system, and configure an available action.

4. Be sure to save and publish to have the configuration take effect. You are now ready to take the provided Accept/Decline links to use on your custom upsell page. We will cover the use of these links below.

Configuring a Subscription Upsell Offer:

When setting up a Subscription upsell, you will have the option to set up multiple options (e.g: Monthly & Annual). When multiple subscription options are set up on an upsell, Spiffy will provide Accept links for each option to use on your custom upsell page/

1. From the upsell editor, select the Edit button to open the upsell offer configuration.

2. In the upsell offer configuration, select Subscription Options to switch your upsell to a subscription upsell offer.

3. Click to expand the upsell option. Then, start by entering a line item name in the Text field. 

(Note: The Selected by Default checkbox will not have a function on a custom upsell page, as your customers will be clicking an Accept or Decline for the available option. This feature is used for Spiffy hosted upsell pages.)

4. Next, click on Select a Subscription to choose a subscription plan to offer for your option. You can select an existing plan if you already have one, or use the option to create a new subscription/plan to use.

5. Here you can add free trial days to this subscription option by selecting Add Trial and entering the amount of days before your customer would be charged for the upsell.

6. You can also set up automation to trigger in your connected systems when a customer accepts your offer. Click the Add Automation button, select your connected system, and configure an available action.

7. Here you can add additional subscription plan options by selecting Add Option and following the same steps. This is commonly used if you want to give your customers an option between a Monthly or Annual subscription in the upsell.

8.  Optionally, you may add a Startup Fee to your subscription option(s). Just note that if you are setting up multiple options for your upsell, this Startup Fee will apply to all available options on the upsell.

Additionally, you can switch your Subscription Upsell to a Subscription Upgrade in the Subscription Upgrade settings. To do this, expand the Subscription Upgrade Settings, and select a subscription from your main checkout offer that is eligible for an upgrade. For more info on Subscription Upgrades be sure to check out our overview that can be found HERE.

Now that you have configured your upsell, you are ready to obtain your Accept/Decline links to hyperlink buttons on your custom upsell page! 

Embedded custom upsells work by the use of unique Accept/Decline links. We provide the links for you to grab and hyperlink buttons on your page. 

When setting up your upsell, you will be provided with an Accept link and a Decline link. These links will trigger the option to add the upsell offer to their order, or to decline the offer and continue to the next step. 

Here is an example of the provided links for a standard upsell:

Here is an example of the provided links for a custom upsell with subscription options:

When setting up a subscription upsell, you will be provided with a unique Accept link for each option, but the Decline link seen for each will be the same. 

Here is an example of the provided links for a Subscription upsell that has both Monthly and Annual options set up:

The Accept link will add the selected offer to the customer's order and direct them to the next step in your checkout flow (this could be another upsell or the thank-you page).

The Decline link will not add the offer to your customer's order, but will still redirect them to the next step in your checkout flow.

When creating your custom upsell page, take the link provided in Spiffy, and use it as a hyperlink for the corresponding button on the page you are creating. Here are a couple examples:

Standard Upsell:

Subscription Upsell with Monthly & Annual options configured:
(Note: The Decline link provided for both options is the same)

Got a question? Send us an email over at support@spiffy.co