Subscription Invoices In The Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is designed to give your subscribers that pay a recurring charge the ability to access/manage their billing and subscriptions. Spiffy now gives your customers the ability to access their subscription invoices right from the portal!

A couple of things to note:

- Payment Plan and Single Pay invoices are not included at this time, as the customer portal is designed for people who are on a recurring payment subscription. We are working on some advancements to include Payment Plan invoices in the future

- This feature pulls invoices directly from Stripe, so customers that make their subscription payments via PayPal will not have these invoices. Customers that pay via PayPal can access their invoices directly from PayPal.

Customers with Subscription payments via Stripe can access their past invoices directly from the customer portal by clicking on their active subscription, and then selecting Past Invoices. They will be able to see a list of all of their invoices for their subscription, and select them to view/download.

(Customer Portal Preview of Accessing Subscription Invoices)

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