Payment Receipts and Order Confirmation Emails

Spiffy offers the option to automatically deliver simple order confirmation and payment receipt emails. When enabled, Spiffy can deliver a nice, simple email with a link to their order and payment information upon an order/subscription/payment plan being made.

In this overview, we will show you how to enable these options, and go over some account settings you will want to review as you start using our order confirmation/receipts feature.

Getting Started:

Spiffy currently offers 3 types of order confirmation/receipt emails that can be enabled from within your Spiffy account Notifications settings:

1.) Order Confirmation Email: This will send a link to an order confirmation page after an order is placed on a Spiffy checkout.

2.) Subscription Receipt Email: This will send an email with a link to a receipt when a subscription payment is made (this will not deliver on initial purchase - only subsequent subscription payments)

3.) Payment Receipt Email: This will send an email with a link to a receipt when a payment payment is made (this will not deliver on initial purchase - only subsequent payment plan payments)

To enable any or all of these options, first, click on your Profile icon and select Automation

In the Automation settings, scroll down to the Receipt Emails section, select any/all of the email options, and click Save

When enabled, order confirmation emails and receipt emails will send a link to hosted receipts. You will be able to add additional info, like your company address, as well as a custom header and footer that will display on the order confirmation and receipt pages. You will customize these settings in the Company Settings.

Add Your Logo & Custom Text to Receipts

Here is a quick overview of where to customize your receipts and how information from your Spiffy Company Settings will be used in order confirmations and receipts.

Click on the Company tab in the left navigation of Settings.

This is where you will add all your brand elements and custom text for receipts. These are the settings and how they will be used in your receipts:

1.) Business Name: used in the email, as well as the linked order confirmation and receipt pages

2.) Company Icon: Displays at the top of the delivered email

3.) Company Information (support email/phone, and optional company address):  Displays on all order confirmation and receipt pages. Note: The customer will receive receipt emails from your support email address.

4.) Receipt Header Text: Displays at the top of Receipt pages, often used to include required wording, like Tax Invoice at the top of the receipt

5.) Receipt Footer Text: Displays the the bottom of order confirmation and receipt pages.


Here are a few screenshots of the emails, as well as the confirmation / receipt pages, to give you a quick look at how things look.

Order Confirmation Email Preview:

Linked Order Confirmation Page:

Payment Plan/Subscription Payment Email

Subscription Payment Receipt Page:

Payment Plan Payment Receipt Page:

User Emails: Order Success Email (Internal Notification Email)

As an additional option in the Notifications settings, we offer the ability for you to automatically receive an email when a customer places an order.

This simple email notification will let you know that a customer placed an order, and give you a link to view their order record from within Spiffy!

(Note: User Emails are enabled per user. If you want to send internal notifications for successful orders to a different email address, you will need to create an additional user in Spiffy, under the Team settings, and enable this option while logged in as that user.)

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