Resuming a Cancelled Payment Plan

If you have a payment plan that was cancelled, either by a user, or when a failed payment fails on all of it's re-attempts, you now have the option to resume the payment plan.

In this overview, we will go over how to resume payment collection on a cancelled payment plan, and some of the nuances surrounding failed payments.


A payment plan can enter a Cancelled status by a couple of different ways.

1.) If the plan is cancelled by a Spiffy user/admin in the customer's order record

2.) A failed payment occurs on a payment, and all the reattempts fail

When a payment plan is cancelled, you will see the status in the customer's order record, along with an option to Resume

When selecting the option to Resume you will be presented with a pop-up window to select a date to resume payments, based on the original payment collection frequency. 

Resuming a payment plan that was cancelled manually, by a Spiffy user/admin.

  1. Navigate to the customer's order record for the cancelled payment plan
  2. Make sure that the current credit card on file is the card that you would like to charge. If the card needs to be updated first, this can be done by the customer via the Spiffy Customer Portal, or manually (over the phone) by a Spiffy user/admin from within the order record.
  3. Click Resume and select a date to automatically resume payment collection. (Shown in image above)

Resuming a payment plan that was cancelled due to a failed payment.

When a payment plan is cancelled due to failed payment/failed reattempts, you will have 2 options (shown below) when resuming. Be sure that the customer's card is updated, if needed, prior to resuming the cancelled payment plan.

Option 1.) Reattempting failed payment, and setting a date to resume additional remaining payments

From the customer's order record, click the options ... for the failed payment, and select Retry Payment. Spiffy will automatically reattempt to charge the failed payment within 20 minutes, using the card currently on file for the order.

Next, select Resume at the top of the order record, and select a date to start automatically charging for the remaining payments. 

Option 2.) Resuming payment plan payments immediately, moving the collection of the failed payment to the end

This option will let you resume payments immediately, or at any selected date, and will add an additional payment to the end of the customer's payment plan, to make up for the failed payment.

From the customer's order record, select Resume and select a date to resume automatic payments.

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