Can I Purchase/Create Additional Spiffy Accounts

Yes! You can purchase and set up additional Spiffy accounts, as needed. This is a common practice for individuals or agencies that run multiple businesses, or businesses that deal in multiple currencies.

If you would like to purchase and set up an additional Spiffy account with your same login (Email/Password), You will be able to do this while logged into your existing Spiffy account.

Log into your existing Spiffy account, click on the 'Profile' icon, and select 'Switch Account'

From the 'Accounts' page, click on 'Add Account'

You will be redirected to our checkout page, where you can select your plan (Annual/Monthly) Just enter your billing address and card info to purchase!

Once purchased, you will be able to start setting up your additional Spiffy account.

If you need to purchase a Spiffy account under a different name/email than your existing Spiffy account, just log out of any existing Spiffy accounts and head to and follow the prompts to set up a brand new account.

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