Checkout Flows Overview

We are happy to announce our new Checkout Flows feature, in the Checkout Editor!  Checkout Flows gives you the ability to visually lay out your Checkout/Upsell experience, with features like 'Logic Based Flows' and 'Multiple Thank You Pages'

With the new Checkout Flows, you will have the ability to offer additional upsells based on how a customer interacts with an upsell (Accept or Decline), This also opens up the ability to offer 'Downsells'. 

We also offer the ability for you to create multiple Thank You pages. This is often used for custom thank-you pages that you create on your site. For example, you could set up a hosted Spiffy thank you page to show your customer if they decline an upsell, or, a custom thank-you page on your site with related content, if they accept your upsell.

We have a number of additional features that will be coming soon, but we are excited for you to get started with our powerful version 1 of Checkout Flows! Be sure to check this page for more info, in the coming weeks!

Additional Overview Videos ( Be sure to watch our main overview at the top of this page, as these shorter videos will be digging right into specific configurations and features)

Basic Checkout Flows Management and Configuration Features:

Setting up a downsell in your Checkout Flow:

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