Checkout Flows Introduction and Overview

Spiffy is proud to announce our latest major feature, Checkout Flows! With Checkout Flows, you can set up dynamic checkout experiences, based on how your customer interacts with your checkout. This includes the ability to show different upsells based off of your customer selecting a specific option on the checkout, like an offer bump, a radio/checkbox or dropdown option, Monthly/Annual subscription, and more!

Checkout Flows is packed full of features, so definitely take some time to watch this long-form overview, as well as the additional overviews and tutorials we will be adding!

Additional Videos (Be sure to watch the main overview first, as these additional videos jump right into specific features within Checkout Flows.

Being that Checkout Flows is a massive, powerful feature, there is a lot of information to cover, some of our available videos are a bit longer deep-dive overviews. We recommend taking the time to explore these videos, as well as getting into Spiffy to start clicking around and exploring everything we have to offer with the new Checkout Flows.

Intro to the Checkout Flow Editor

In this video, we will show you some of the basic functionality of the Checkout Flow editor. This includes things like dragging pages around, adding new upsell/thankyou pages, removing pages, and establishing connections between pages.

Connections and Conditions Deep-Dive

In this overview, we will do a deep-dive into how to get started with setting up connections in your Checkout Flows, as well as setting up conditions for those connections. This is one of our longer deep-dives, so we recommend taking some time to view this video, as it will provide a high level overview of how connections and conditions work, how connection and condition priority works, as well as a look at the options you have available within your condition setup for connections.

Quick Tip for common warnings that prevent you from publishing your checkout 

In this video, we will cover a quick common situation where a missing 'unconditional' logic prevents you from publishing. This is commonly due to there not being a 'No Conditions Apply' connection. This video will show you how to quickly remedy this in your Checkout Flow connections

Quick Tutorials

To help you get started with some simple Checkout Flow setups, we will begin sharing some quick videos on how to set up popular flows. Be sure to check back often for more tips and tutorials on setting up quick flows that can help you maximize revenue!

Setting up a simple 'Downsell'

If you are offering an upsell, you can now set up a checkout to offer a downsell if the customer declines the upsell. This is a great way to easily reposition the offer at a different price point, or present your customer a downsell to lower priced offering that might fit their needs!

Re-pitching Your Offer Bump as an Upsell, if it isn't taken on the initial checkout

If you are including an 'Addon Offer Bump' on your checkout, one great way to maximize revenue, is to set up a flow that can re-offer the addon, if it isn't accepted on the initial checkout! Using Spiffy's Checkout Flows features, combined with an upsell configured to match your addon's pricing, you can now reposition your add-on offer!

Be sure to check back here often for more overviews and tutorials!

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