Introduction to Spiffy Reports

Spiffy is proud to announce that we have started rolling out useful reporting features into the application! Currently, we have 4 reports available, but over the next year, we will be expanding on the reporting features we offer, based off of industry trends, and your feedback!

We want to invite you to hop into Spiffy Reports to get familiar and start clicking around and viewing your results! If you run across any questions or have any feedback, we would love to hear it! Just shoot us an email at

You now have access to the following reports:

Product Sales:

A report that lets you see how your products are performing across all of your checkouts! You will be able to filter by offer name, as well as a range of additional filters. You will also be able to use our 'Group By' feature to group your results by things like 'State', 'Item Name' and even 'Promo Code'. The results can even be exported, giving you the ability to use the data in your own Excel spreadsheets!

Cashflow Projection:

A report that will show you your projected cashflow, based on all active Subscriptions and Payment Plans. You can even filter by 'Item Type' to see just Subscriptions, or just Payment Plan cashflow projections. By default, this report will show you your projections for the month, but the date range filter will allow you to change the date range to see more long term projections!

Sales Tax:

This report requires the Taxes by Spiffy or TaxJar integration to be enabled. This report allows you to view sales tax reporting collected by local. You will be able to filter the results using a wide range of filters including Country, State, City and even Zip (Postal Code). the 'Group By' feature will let you group your results for a quick, higher level view. You can even export your results, giving you the ability to use the data in your own Excel spreadsheet!

Failed Payments / Aging

This powerful report will show you current failed payments that you may want to follow up on. You will be able to explore this report to see all the current failed recurring payments in your system, including subscriptions and payment plans. We also provide some really cool recovery stats, to show you how many failed payments were automatically recovered through things like failed payment emails and successful reattempts!

Accessing Reports in Spiffy

Spiffy Reports can be accessed from the 'Sales' tab. From the Spiffy Dashboard, just click on 'Sales' and select 'Reports'

Select an available report to start viewing and modifying results!

Navigating and Modifying reports

Spiffy's simple approach to reports gives you quick access to the data you are looking for, through the use of filters and groupings. Filtering will allow you to omit data, and view specific results based on the filter selected. Grouping data will let you take a bit of a higher level view of your results, by grouping similar data from your reports. Here is a quick glance at these features that are available in your reports!


When you are in a report, you will be able to start filtering the results by clicking the 'Filters' button at the top right side of the reports page. Then just select a filter. Most filters will have a 'Comparison' selector (Equals, Does Not Equal, Contains, etc) and an input field for you to enter the filter criteria, but some will have predefined dropdown options, or a date picker when applicable.

When a filter is configured, the report will refresh to display results based on your filter criteria. You can add additional filters if needed, but know that multiple filters use 'And' criteria, not 'Or' criteria.

To modify an existing filter, just hover over it and click to open the criteria popup. To remove a filter, just hover over it, and click the little red 'x'

Grouping results:

Grouping your report results can give you higher level results by grouping similar results into "Buckets". This can be useful if you are running multiple offers, and want to see the high level reporting data for each group. Some of our reports start with a default grouping, but this can be modified by selecting different available groupings in the 'Group By' dropdown, located at the top right side of your report

To remove a grouping, just click on the corresponding grouping tag to the left of the 'Group By' dropdown. This will refresh your results, omitting that specific grouping.

Inspecting Grouped Results:

When viewing grouped results, you will notice an 'Inspect' button next to each line of results. Clicking this will allow you to drill down into a specific grouping and see all the individual results. Clicking 'Inspect' on a group result will automatically apply filters to view all broken out results for that specific grouping. 

Saving Filters & Exporting Results

Just like our Sales and Order searches, you can save your filters for easy access on a report, as well as export data to a spreadsheet.

To save filters, just start adding 'Filters' and then click the 'Saved Filters' button and select 'Save Current Filters'.  This will add your current filters to a saved filter that can be selected at any time, from the same dropdown.

You can export your report by clicking the 'Export' icon, to the left of the 'Saved Filters' button. This will prompt you to download and save a CSV file.

Spiffy will continue to enhance and add additional useful reports over the coming months. We have some plans in the works, but also want to hear from you! If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas for Spiffy Reports, send us an email at

We're always here to help!