Subscription Plan Management

Spiffy comes equipped with a number of powerful admin management features, like skipping payments, changing subscription plans, billing management, and cancellations

Spiffy also includes some history on changes that may be made, over time, to give you a clear view on the customer's subscription lifespan, as we know that things happen over time that you may need to reference at a later date!

From your customer's record in Spiffy, you can quickly access their subscription record. Just navigate to a Customer Record, and click on the Subscription you need to manage.

Spiffy offers a wide range of management features, so be sure to take a look through the different functionality that is available!

Refunding a Payment

Need to refund a payment on a subscription? You can easily accomplish this from the 'Payments' section of your customer's subscription record.

Just hover over a payment, and click the options '. . .' and select Refund Payment

In the refund popup, you will have the option to issue a full refund on the payment, or, by clicking the Partial Refund toggle, you can enter a specific refund amount.

The option to add a note to the refund action is available by clicking the 'Notes' toggle. This will include a note in the 'History' section, that you or your team can reference in the future.

Once you have configured the refund, just click 'Process Refund' to issue your customer's full or partial payment refund.

Change Next Billing Date

From time to time, you may need to adjust your customer's Subscription Billing Date. Spiffy makes this quick and easy to accomplish with our 'Change Billing Date' option, located in your customer's Subscription Record.

In the popup, just click on the date field to open the date picker. From here, just select a next payment date!

Add any notes to store in the 'History' section by clicking the 'Notes' toggle, and when you are finished, just click 'Change Payment Date'

Cancel Subscription

Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly cancel a subscription from within your cusotmer's Subscription Record. You will have the option to cancel at the end of their current billing cycle OR immediately.

Cancelling Immediately will stop any failed payment auto-retries that may be scheduled.

To cancel a customers's subscription, start by clicking the 'Cancel' button

Select a 'Cancel Type'

Cancel at end of Cycle: This will cancel the subscription at the end of the customer's billing cycle, as well as trigger any Subscription Cancelled Billing Automation that you may have set up.

Cancel Immediately: This will cancel the customer's subscription immediately. Any Failed Payment Auto-Retries scheduled will no longer be attempted. This will also trigger any Subscription Cancelled Billing Automation that you may have.

OPTIONAL This automation can be skipped if you enable the 'Skip Automation' toggle

Once you have configured the cancellation, you can add any notes to be stored in the 'History' section, and click 'Cancel Subscription'

Send Payment Receipt

If you need to manually send your customer a payment receipt to their email address on file, just hover over a payment, click it's options '. . .' and select 'Send Receipt' and confirm!

Manually Update Card on File

If you need to update a card manually (over the phone, etc), just click the arrow next to the customer's 'Payment Details' and select '+Add Card'.

Enter the card details and 'Save'

This will automatically change the card on file to the new one, and any scheduled auto-retries on failed payments will attempt to use the new card.

Any manual retries would also attempt to charge the new card.

Manually Retry Failed Payment

Sometimes, you may need to retry a failed payment for a customer that has already failed all of it's scheduled auto-retries. In most situations, the card on file may need to be updated first, but sometimes, insufficient funds was just the issue, and when the funds are available to the customer, a reattempt of the charge can be scheduled.

To initiate a manual reattempt on a payment, just hover over the failed payment and click it's Options '. . .' and select 'Retry Payment'

You will need to confirm the reattempt. This will schedule immediately, and usually attempt within 15 minutes. This can not be undone, once scheduled.

Resume Cancelled Subscription

If you need to resume a subscription that has been cancelled by you, your customer, or cancelled due to payment failures, you can quickly accomplish this using our 'Resume Subscription' feature.

You will be able to resume and charge immediately, or select a billing date in the future to resume and charge the subscription. Note: selecting a billing date will limit you to a range based on the billing frequency of the subscription. (Example: If it is a monthly subscription, you would be able to select any date over the next month as the start date. Yearly subscription resume would let you select any date within the next year)

If you have taxes enabled, and your subscription is taxable, you will have the option to click the 'Recalculate Taxes' toggle to include any tax based on your customer's billing address.

Once configured, just click 'Resume Subscription'!

Change/Swap Subscription Plan

In some instances, you may need to change your customer's subscription plan. Often times, this is needed when a customer requests to go from a monthly plan to an annual plan, or vice versa. You can easily accomplish this from within your customer's subscription record using the 'Change Subscription' option.

You will be able to select a new plan, and decide if the change/charge should happen immediately, or at the end of their current billing cycle.

Under 'More Options' you will also have the option to 'Add a Manual Adjustment'. This would be used to instantly issue a pro-rated charge or refund of a set amount. This is often only used in very specific situations.

If you have taxes enabled, and your subscription is taxable, you will have the option to click the 'Recalculate Taxes' toggle to include any tax based on your customer's billing address.

Once configured, just click 'Save'


This is a quality of life section of your customer's Subscription Record, that gives you a glance at major events that have taken place over the life of the subscription.

This includes things like cancellations, refunds, subscription changes/swaps, as well as any 'Notes' you have added while making these changes.

When items appear in the 'History' section, you will be able to click and expand the events to see a little more detail on what happened.