Order Record Overview

Spiffy order records are created when your customers place orders on your Spiffy Checkouts. From the order record, you will be able to see details about your customer's order, send receipts, as well as handle refunds.

Order Records can be easily located from within the Customer Record. Just search for your customer, and from within their record, click on the order below the 'Orders' section!

If you are selling a 'Subscription' or offering a 'Payment Plan', We will include easy access to these records in the Order Record, as well.

Here is an example of a fully loaded order that includes a subscription & payment

  1. Checkout: This will display the name of the checkout that the customer placed an order on
  2. Customer Information: This will display the information that the customer entered on the checkout
  3. Payments: This will show payments that were made. You can click a payments Options '. . .' to send receipts or issue a refund
  4. Order Details: Simple order summary of the customer's order
  5. Subscriptions / Payment Plans: If you offer either of these, they will display here. Clicking on one will redirect you to the Subscription or Payment Plan record for management.