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  • How to setup Infusionsoft's Affiliate Tracking to work with Spiffy Checkouts

    Spiffy's integration with Infusionsoft can partially tap into Infusionsoft's native referral tracking features to set up a basic affiliate program. It will require some small changes to existing/new

  • Rewardful Integration Overview

    Introducing Spiffy's direct Rewardful integration. Rewardful lets you set up quick and simple affiliate programs, letting your affiliates help you drive traffic and make more sales, and generate

  • Does Spiffy have affiliate tracking as a feature?

    We currently have direct integrations with LeadDyno, and FirstPromoter to add affiliate tracking functionality to your Spiffy Checkouts. If you have a simple referral program, we also have a direct

  • Do you have an affiliate program for selling Spiffy?

    We do not have an affiliate program for selling Spiffy accounts at this time. If you would like to do a joint promotion, we can create a custom affiliate campaign for a specific promotion. We do have

  • LeadDyno Integration Overview

    Spiffy is proud to announce, our LeadDyno affiliate tracking integration! Spiffy can now directly integrate with your LeadDyno account to track affiliate sales, and record commissions! Once you

  • FirstPromoter Integration Overview

    FirstPromoter Introduction: Spiffy now directly integrates with FirstPromoter as one of our options for affiliate programs. You will be able to connect your FirstPromoter account using your

  • Infusionsoft Integration Overview

    Integrating your Infusionsoft account with your Spiffy account is quick and simple! Once you have integrated with Infusionsoft, Spiffy will automatically send customer data to Infusionsoft (First &