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  • Google Analytics Overview

    Spiffy's Google Analytics integration now supports Google Analytics 4 (GA4)!!! You can now input your Google Analytics 4 measurment ID into Spiffy's Google Analytics integration (Format Example

  • Google Tag Manager Overview

    Spiffy lets you easily integrate Google Tag Manager, giving you the ability incorporate useful tools like like Google Analytics and a wide range of third-party applications, like chat/help windows!

  • Google Analytics 4 Measurement API

    If you are using Google Analytics 4, you have the option to connect to the Measurement Protocol API. This will enable server side tracking, resulting in more reliable tracking when customers visit

  • Where do I add my tracking scripts? (Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics)

    Spiffy makes it quick and simple to integrate your Checkout pages directly with Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager! We do the heavy lifting of adding the scripts to all of your checkout pages,

  • Adding Advanced Custom Tracking Code To A Checkout

    For our advanced users that may have their own custom tracking code solutions, Spiffy Checkouts allows you to easily install your custom tracking scripts on you individual checkouts. Spiffy already

  • How can I see overall subscription stats?

    Spiffy's reporting gives you access to analytics & reporting surrounding your orders, so that you can quickly see how things are doing. Our 'Subscription Statistics' will quickly give you information

  • Adding UTM Parameters

    With Spiffy, you can easily incorporate UTM tracking, by adding UTM parameters to your order form URL, in the links or ads that you have out there! Here are the UTM Parameters that you can use: utm_so

  • What is MRR?

    MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue. This stat is the amount of money generated by subscriptions. The Math: (Total Active Subscribers) x (Price of Subscription) = Total Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • What is Take Rate?

    Take rate is the percentage of people who choose the Payment Plan option at checkout. The Math: (Purchased w/Payment Plan)  /  (All Successful Purchases) = Take Rate Example: If 50 people purchase you

  • What is Completion Rate?

    Completion rate is the percentage of people who checkout with the payment plan option, and complete all of their payments. The Math: (Completed Payment Plans)  /  (Total Payment Plans Started) = Compl

  • What is Churn?

    Churn is a percentage calculated by dividing the number of customers that cancel, by the total number of your customers. This number will help reveal the health of your subscriber base. A low churn

  • Advanced Embed Controls

    Our base embed code is a stripped down version of the checkout, with certain elements hidden by default, to make it look good across the most common use cases. By default, Spiffy hides the sidebar

  • Manage Your Account Settings

    Managing your Account Settings can be done by selecting your profile icon on the Spiffy Dashboard, and clicking Settings. Clicking Settings will open your account settings, where you can view and