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  • Bidsketch: How to connect Spiffy and Bidsketch Proposals with Zapier

    Here's a quick tutorial video on how to integrate Spiffy with Bidsketch's proposal/contract software.  This integration will automatically copy an existing proposal template in Bidsketch, and create a

  • What is Completion Rate?

    Completion rate is the percentage of people who checkout with the payment plan option, and complete all of their payments. The Math: (Completed Payment Plans)  /  (Total Payment Plans Started) = Compl

  • How do I segment my list in ActiveCampaign based on Spiffy sales?

    In ActiveCampaign you can segment your list of customers based on Spiffy sales, meaning you can filter the actions in the ActiveCampaign automation based on the product the customer purchases.  You ca

  • How to Change the Next Billing Date on Payment Plan

    Want to change the next billing date for a customer's payment plan? No problem! Here's how to do it: Navigate to the customer's Order Record where there is an active Payment Plan. Under the "Next

  • Is Spiffy PCI Compliant?

    Yes, Spiffy is PCI compliant. We take your security very seriously, here at Spiffy. Spiffy doesn't collect, store or pass any customer credit card data. This is handled directly by Stripe.  The Credit

  • Do you have a free trial?

    When you purchase a Spiffy account, you are covered by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You can try spiffy for the first 30-days with zero risk. Use our support team to answer any questions, and i

  • Can I Track Cart Abandonment?

    To track cart abandonment, you will need to set up a multi-step checkout process with a third party webform or landing page that collects initial information and then redirects to your Spiffy

  • Card Updated

    Spiffy's Billing Automation settings allow the ability to trigger different actions based on a variety of billing events. Click here to view our Billing Automation Overview to get a better understandi

  • How to Turn Off Automatic Retry of Outstanding Balance When Card Is Updated

    By default, Spiffy will automatically attempt to charge an outstanding balance when a credit card is updated by the customer (through the customer portal), or by you (through the order record), but

  • Charging a Startup Fee / Upfront Fee on a Subscription

    Spiffy makes it easy to charge a Startup Fee / Upfront Fee on a subscription. Many of our users asked for this functionality, as the need to charge an initial fee on a subscription is a very popular

  • Connecting Spiffy to your ActiveCampaign account

    This tutorial video will show you how to connect and integrate Spiffy with your ActiveCampaign account. Spiffy's powerful integration with ActiveCampaign will allow you to take orders, and keep track

  • Can I Auto-Apply a Discount Promo Code with URL parameters

    Yes! Spiffy has the ability to apply discount promo codes that you have set up on a Checkout via URL parameters. While we do have the feature in the Checkout Editor to automatically apply an active

  • Checkout Flows Introduction and Overview

    Spiffy is proud to announce our latest major feature, Checkout Flows! With Checkout Flows, you can set up dynamic checkout experiences, based on how your customer interacts with your checkout. This

  • How to Connect Your CRM / Marketing Automation Tool

    If you're using one of the CRM / Marketing Automation tools that we have a direct integration with, you'll want to be sure to connect Spiffy and your CRM tool right away. To get to your Integration

  • How to setup a GDPR Integration Action

    Spiffy's Marketing Consent (GDPR) integration action helps you trigger actions in ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Keap or any other application via Zapier. You can use this action to indicate the user

  • Intro to Billing Address

    Welcome to this brief overview of the Billing Information block configuration! In this video, we will go over the customization options that you have available with the Billing Info block in the

  • Intro to Subscriptions

    Welcome to this brief overview on setting up Subscription Options in the Spiffy Checkout Editor In this video, we will take a quick look at how you can create and modify plan options for your

  • How to Manually Retry a Failed Payment

    When a payment fails on a subscription or a payment plan due to insufficient funds, or a declined card, there may be a situation where the customer has resolved the issue with their bank, and does

  • How Do I Search In Spiffy

    The ability to quickly search for things like 'Customers', 'Orders', 'Products' and 'Checkouts' is very important, and Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly find things that you are looking for,

  • Zapier Webhooks Overview

    Our Zapier Webhooks integration opens the doors to virtually unlimited possibilities. You can connect Spiffy with literally 1000+ different software apps, sending your customer data to whatever tools

  • Overview: ActiveCampaign Deep Data Integration

    Spiffy integrates with ActiveCampaign via their most powerful integration. The Deep Data integration! The ActiveCampaign Deep Data allows you to build checkout pages using Spiffy, and to pass the

  • Payment Plan Payment

    Spiffy's Billing Automation settings allow the ability to trigger different actions based on a variety of billing events. Click here to view our Billing Automation Overview to get a better

  • How to Add a Privacy Policy Checkbox to a Checkout

    Adding a required Privacy Policy checkbox to your Spiffy checkout page is easily done right in the Checkout Editor. You will be able to set the privacy policy to be required, include a hyperlink to

  • How do I cancel my Spiffy account?

    If you need to cancel your Spiffy account subscription, just send an email to us at Since Spiffy handles things like payment plans and recurring subscriptions, our team will be able

  • How to Create a Discount from the Checkouts Editor

    "Discount" is a time tested strategy for giving that extra nudge to the prospects sitting on the fence for helping them cross over. Spiffy makes it easy for you to add a discount to your Spiffy

  • Intro to Addons (Offer Bumps)

    Welcome to this brief overview on setting up an Add-On on your Spiffy Checkout! In this video, we will give you a quick run-down on how to get started on setting up an Add-On offer. Add-ons are an

  • Can I connect more than one Stripe account?

    No. Currently, Spiffy only works with one Stripe account. If you are processing payments in two different currencies or running two different businesses, you will need to have separate Spiffy accounts

  • How to switch to a different Stripe account

    If you haven't yet started taking sales, switching Stripe accounts connected to your Spiffy account is simple, and will not cause any problems. To switch Stripe accounts follow these two tutorials: Di

  • Intro to Payment Plans

    Welcome to this brief overview on setting up Payment Plans for your Spiffy Checkout offers! In this video, we will give you a quick run-down on how to get started on setting up payment plans on your

  • Adding Checkboxes, Radio and Dropdown Options to Your Checkout (Options Overview)

    Adding Checkbox, Radio and Dropdown options to a checkout are a great way to enhance your offer. Options can be used to gather more information when a customer is placing an order, as well as enhance

  • Changing The Price of a Subscription on a Checkout

    If you have a checkout with a Subscription on it, and need to change the price of the Subscription, you will need just to create a new Subscription Plan. A couple of things to note: Old subscription

  • Marketing Consent (GDPR)

    With Spiffy, you can set up an Integration automation action to trigger when a customer opts in via the optional GDPR checkbox.  Here is a preview of the optional GDPR checkbox. This can be useful to

  • Can I process payments in multiple currencies?

    Currently, you can only process payments with one currency. If you are wanting to process payments in two or more different currencies, you will need to purchase and setup separate Spiffy accounts,

  • How to Create a Checkout Page

    Welcome to Spiffy Checkouts! With Spiffy, you can create checkouts for both one-time purchases and subscription based purchases. You also have the option to add an upsell in your checkout! We have a

  • Managing Your Subscription Products, Tiers and Plans in Spiffy

    Spiffy gives you the ability to quickly manage your subscription products and plans from one place: Creating a New Subscription Product and Adding Available Subscription Plans Adding a Plan to an

  • How to Delete a Discount/Promo Code

    You can delete discount/promo codes that you have created from your Account Settings. Once you have deleted a discount/promo code from your Spiffy account settings, the discount will no longer be

  • Does Spiffy Support Apple Pay?

    IMPORTANT! Due to current limitations with Apple Pay, Spiffy only supports Apple Pay as a payment option on Spiffy hosted checkouts. Apple Pay is not compatible with embedded checkouts. Yes, Spiffy

  • MemberPress Integration Overview

    Spiffy is proud to announce the launch of our MemberPress integration. If you run MemberPress on your site, you now have the option to connect your MemberPress site with Spiffy, giving you the

  • How to Pause a Subscription or Skip a Payment

    There are certain circumstances where you want to accommodate a customer request and either skip a specific number of payments or pause their subscription for an extended amount of time. Spiffy makes

  • Checkout Button - How to Change Its Color

    You can customize the text and color of your Complete My Order button, along with a number of other elements of your checkout from the Design tab of the Spiffy Checkout Editor. Getting Started From

  • Updating / Changing your Spiffy URL Subdomain

    When you first set up your Spiffy account, we had you set a Subdomain for your account's URLs. This subdomain is used for hosted checkouts, as well as your customer portal. You can update this from

  • Checkout Editor Advanced Settings

    The Advanced Settings are intended to put the final professional touch on your order form. This is where you will set your Browser Tab Title (Meta Title), your SEO Description (Meta Description),

  • Integrations > Actions

    Actions enable a variety of ways to streamline and automate post-purchase communication and processes by integrating with other software tools. Our Zapier integration gives you the power to integrate

  • Adding or Removing Infusionsoft Tags When a Purchase Is Made

    Spiffy allows you to add or remove Infusionsoft tags from a customer's Infusionsoft record when they purchase a product. This feature is immensely powerful as you can run any actions in Infusionsoft

  • How do I Delete, Expire, or Deactivate a checkout?

    With Spiffy, you can Delete / Deactivate / Expire an unwanted checkout by simply going to your 'Checkouts' tab, hovering over a 'Checkout' and clicking the options ( . . .) at the very right. Just

  • How To Deactivate or Delete a Checkout Page

    With Spiffy, you can Delete / Deactivate / Expire an unwanted checkout by simply going to your 'Checkouts' tab, hovering over a 'Checkout' and clicking the options ( . . .) at the very right. Just

  • Can I Duplicate/Clone a checkout?

    Absolutely! Duplicating a checkout is a quick way to save time, especially if you have similar elements that exist on all of your checkouts. Just build your base checkout, and duplicate it when you

  • How to Connect Spiffy with Your Infusionsoft Account

    Spiffy makes it quick and simple to connect directly to your Infusionsoft account, with our native integration! With our powerful integration to Infusionsoft, your customer information and order

  • How to Charge Tax with Spiffy Checkout

    There are two different ways to charge tax for your products and services with Spiffy Use our Taxes by Spiffy solution Integrate with third-party TaxJar for more advanced reporting and filing To

  • I Have a Subscription Plan That Isn't in a Tier, Can I Move It to One?

    Yes, you can! If you have a Subscription Plan that is not currently in a tier, this is because you created your subscription plan before Spiffy introduced tiers to your subscription products. NOTE: